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Amanda Serrano Wants To Continue With 12-Round Fights; Says 10-Round Fights In Future Would be “Going Backwards”

Amanda Serrano has found her new standard of going forward- twelve round, three minute matches.

I think I’m gonna continue with the three minutes: Amanda Serrano

The undisputed featherweight champion was part of the historic twelve-round fight also featuring Danila Ramos last weekend in Florida. The fight was the first women’s 12-round, three-minute fight in 16 years and the first ever to go the distance, and ended with a unanimous decision win for “The Real Deal”.

Speaking to BoxingScene.com, Serrano stated that she now wants to make the 12-round, three-minute format as her standard, and opines that the previous 10-round, two-minute format would be taking a step back.

“I think it will be going backwards if my next fight is ten rounds, two minutes,” said Serrano. “I can’t see making a statement here with what we want to achieve and then just go back to the way things were.”

Marking her fourth victory in a row, as well as her third victory of 2023, Serrano dominated Ramos along with a career-high 1,103 punches, winning every single of the 12 rounds on all three scorecards.

“I think I really enjoyed the three minutes,” said Serrano following the win. “I was able to set up a little more of my punches. And I think I’m gonna continue with the three minutes. And I know the women out there, they saw that it’s possible, that we can do it. And me and Daniela, we showed that we’re capable.”

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“I think there’s gonna be a lot of women out there that are gonna say, yes, they did it, now I can do it. I think I see a lot more exciting fights as well,” she added.

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