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Akon Reveals He And Michael Jackson Planned To Open Music Schools In Africa

Senegalese-American singer Akon and the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson wished to open music schools in Africa before his death, as the ‘Lonely’ singer shared in a recent conversation with TMZ.

The late ‘Remember the Time’ singer who passed away in 2009 had discussed the idea with his friend Akon. The pair together had a plan to help the obscured talent on the mainland by furnishing advantages to them and industry advice to improve their skills, however prior to proceed the act on the idea the King of Pop died.

“It started off as a concept, me and Mike was actually speaking about creating music universities all throughout Africa,” he told TMZ. “I’m giving them the tools, the instruments, the knowledge of the business. Just kind of help them with facilities that help them polish up their skills, because Africa got so much talent. This is one of the main motivations when I went into Nigeria back then, the whole start and support all those young artists for afrobeat and things like this.”

Akon continued that the schools “haven’t happened yet” yet was a plan of action that he wants to “follow-up on.”

It was confirmed by Akon that he would proceed with the due plan to Jackson’s complicated legacy when asked by an interviewer of TMZ.

“If people knew who he really was and understood the story behind it, that wouldn’t be a legacy question like you know what Mike did for the culture,” Akon said. It shouldn’t even be a thought, but ultimately the powers that be in America work a little different when it comes to Black and brown people.”

Jackson’s posthumous album Michael featured Akon’s 2007 collaboration “Hold My Hand.” When asked about his upcoming venture Akon City, Akon mentioned opening music schools in Africa.
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Recently he told HipHopDX, “Even in Akon City in the educational district the first one will be built in there and I’m naming it after the Michael Jackson Foundation. So I’m gonna be naming it MJ University.”

On 25th June 2009, Jackson who was one of the most commercially successful entertainers in history died at the age of 50. His personal doctor Conrad Murray administered sedatives and propofol to him, leading to his cardiac arrest.

Murray was charged with instinctive killing in 2011, serving two years in prison on a four-year sentence. In October 2013, he was released on parole.

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