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‘Married At First Sight’ Star Mikey Pembroke Sustains Facial Injuries From MMA Debut

The star of ‘Married At First Sight’ Mikey Pembroke has been enforced to experience surgery following suffering painful facial injuries while debuting in a fight of mixed martial arts.

Mikey Pembroke dislocated jaw during MMA debut

Mikey Pembroke had appeared on Season 7 of the show along with his on-screen wife Natasha Spencer, publicly displaying a swollen face in a video on Instagram this week. Last weekend during his initial mixed martial arts (MMA) fight the television reality star of the series Married at First Sight suffered an injury. Pembroke defeated his opponent At an Alta/Wake Your Warrior event.

Pembroke suffered several facial injuries during the fight which he shared on his Instagram Story. According to MMA News, he said that he suffered a swollen and dislocated jaw at the time of fight and had to be sent to the hospital where doctors drained his jaw of fluids and tried to provide comfort from the swelling.

Pembroke was given ketamine to cope with the pain because of his jaw injury. The operation was a successful operation and last week he was released from the hospital. “Check out this infection on the side of my face. There’s all pus inside there too,” as per the reports of Digital Spy, Pembroke said on his Instagram Story. And when it comes to surgery, Pembroke disclosed “They’re gonna cut it open and drain it because there’s something going on inside. I’ve had to be fasting for the last 24 hours.”

In 2020 (Season 7) on the Australian version of Married at First Sight Pembroke become visible pairing with Natasha Spencer ahead the couple cancelled prior to their final decision.

Pretty soon following her appearance on the show in an recent interview with 9Entertainment, Spencer discussed about a critical moment in her relationship with Pembroke.

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As per 9Entertainment, she said: “I discussed something which I probably shouldn’t have discussed, which was Mikey’s sexual performance. It was the first time we had consummated our marriage and we had a couple of not-so-great starts. But that was between us, and he’d made the joke, I thought it was OK to make the joke but discussed it a bit too in-depth with Stacey, and Michael overheard, then Michael decided to take it upon himself to discuss it at the dinner table with Mikey.”

This year previously the Australian version of ‘Married at First Sight’ aired its ninth season. The show has aired 197 episodes from the time of its debut in the year 2015.
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