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5 Rogue Company tips to help you dominate the competition

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Rogue Company is an extremely popular multiplayer shooting game that has grabbed the interest of gaming enthusiasts in recent times. The game is quite a challenging one and will keep you glued to your system for long durations of time. However, in order to master the game, you will have to be aware of certain tips and tricks that will allow you to form excellent strategies for the game

You also need to have a really good grip over the game, so check We have also listed 5 very important tips and tricks that will allow you to excel in the game.

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  • Make use of the covers smartly: 

You should try to use the covers at the opportune moments in the game. This is going to keep you in a strategic position. You will see that there are a lot of players that run out into the open all of a sudden. The dodge function may save you for a certain duration of time. However, it is going to keep you in a really dangerous situation. So, try to stay hidden behind the cover at all times. This will prevent you from being exposed to the enemy and it is also going to make it really easy for you to gain an advantage in the game. Maintaining a low profile in the game is going to make it much harder for the enemies to hit you. You will also be able to attack the exposed player while you are hidden.

  • Do not eliminate the downed enemies almost instantly

If you have successfully caused enough damage to an enemy, then they will enter into a downed state. You may be really tempted to finish off the enemy instantly when he is in a downed state. However, you can use the enemy as bait and get more kills. You can wait for the enemy to start off with the revival animation process or you can stay hidden and then bombard the enemy with bullets. This will help you get a double kill. This is going to be really advantageous for you in the game, so make use of the downed enemy to the best of your ability and you are going to get quick success in the game.

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  • Look for flanking opportunities all the time: 

There are a lot of routes that the players can take on the Rogue Company map in order to take cover and then surprise the enemy with a sudden attack. Maintaining a proper strategic and well-coordinated flank can become the deciding factor in a game. This will help you to eliminate your enemy without causing any harm to yourself. You can also make use of different characters to flank behind the enemy positions. However, for that, you need to be really well aware of the map. Only then will you be able to make use of these features and gain success. You should also devise a strategy of your own so that you can eliminate the enemies one by one without being suspected

  • Make use of the money wisely: 

You should be well familiar with the economic system of Rogue Company. Only then can you make use of your money wisely. At the beginning of each round, you will be able to spend your money on weapons, upgrades, and perks. The amount of money that you are allowed to spend is going to depend on your performance in your last round. So, try to make as many eliminations as possible in the rounds. There are a few upgrades that cost more money than others. While you may be tempted to use your money to get an upgrade or a useful weapon, it is best to save money for the future as well. Otherwise, when you are in actual trouble, you won’t have any money left to deal with the situation.

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  • Maintain proper communication with your team members

Being a part of a multiplayer game, you will always have to maintain good communication with the other members of your team. Only then will you be able to make seamless progress in the game. You should keep your team members aware of your exact position in the game at every instance. This is going to help you out in getting out of trouble. You will also be able to help each other out and overcome dangerous situations. This is going to make the game really easy for you. You can also win as a team.

And this is exactly how you can dominate in Rogue Company. For more details on Rogue Company, you may remain connected with us and we will help you out.

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