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WWE talents issued notice to discontinue Twitch and other third-party accounts within four weeks

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WWE is taking steps to overtake the Twitch account of their talents within four weeks. The talents have been given time till 2nd October, 2020, to discontinue relationship with Twitch and other third-party platforms.


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Talent who fail to comply will probably be fined, suspended or at the most extreme, terminated.

WWE has decided to take control of the talents’ Twitch accounts within a month after which they will run the accounts. The talents will only be allowed to have a percentage of their earnings from the platform.

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The decision, which have been on the rounds for more than a month, has been a cause of turmoil between WWE and their talents, with the later not too happy to having to let go of an income source. Critics of the company have called the situation an example of their autocratic style of running business.

Andrew Yang Has Criticized The Move By WWE

A few weeks ago, Andrew Yang, a former Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, openly criticized the company for such inhibitions on their talent.

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“It’s part of the WWE saying they wanted to ban Cameo or Twitch. It really infuriates me because they’ve been trying to play it both ways for years. On one hand they are saying, ‘You can’t do anything and we own you, but you’re an independent contractor and we have nothing to do with your health and retirement or any benefits that come as an employee.’ They have to make a choice at some point.”

“If they are going to control all of these aspects of their performer’s lives, then they should take some responsibility for those people, bigger picture. If they have a kid, maybe they get maternity or paternity leave, maybe they get an off-season, maybe they get proper recovery time.”

“I say this as someone who has been a longtime fan of the sport. They are putting their lives and health on the line all the time. They made Vince a billionaire and the fact that he’s being so heavy-handed about them making a buck on the side on Cameo just struck me as absurd, ridiculous and wrong,” Yang said.

WWE is in the midst of a lot of controversy this year, with a multitude of talents being released in midst of a huge profit for the company.

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