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FINAL EXCHANGE: Vince McMahon’s final conversation with ex-WWE writer revealed

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the former WWE writer Vince Russo have a well-documented dispute which is not unknown to the pro-wrestling community. Previously, Russo had revealed that he had offered his services to WWE. Recently he took to his social media account to reveal that he recently had a conversation with Vince McMahon and termed it his ‘final exchange’ with the WWE boss. Russo noted that he had d known Vince McMahon for three decades and enjoyed great success when he worked under the veteran promoter as WWE’s head writer in the ’90s. Russo has been away from Vince McMahon’s company since the end of his second stint with WWE back in 2002.

Vince Russo said he will detail the conversation with Vince McMahon later

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Russo also termed it as an ‘unfortunate and sad story,’ and said he was happy to get some closure. He stated that he would never meet McMahon again. Russo has not revealed the details of his meeting with McMahon, but the former WWE writer assured to discuss the matter in due time.

“After knowing Vince McMahon for 30 years & having great success w/him during my time at WWE–yesterday he & I had our FINAL EXCHANGE. It’s an unfortunate story & sad in many ways, but, Closure is good. Not ready to discuss now, but I will be. Where?,” Russo tweeted.

You can check out the Tweet below:

Vince Russo was recently involved in a WWE project

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Vince Russo revealed at the beginning of September that he had worked with WWE on a project for Peacock and the WWE Network. Russo had specifically said that he wasn’t looking to secure a job in the WWE and added that he just wanted to help the wrestling business.

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“Worked with @WWE this past Friday on a Project I think for Peacock. Pleasurable experience, all involved were pros and respectable. I really do hope that those who need to see my comments—see them. While I don’t want a job, I am always looking to help the Biz in any way I can,” wrote Russo.


  • Vince Russo reveals having a ‘final exchange’ with Vince McMahon
  • It implies that they will never meet each other again



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