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Tom Brady sends hilarious message to former rivals Peyton Manning and Tony Romo

Tom Brady has been gracing the NFL for over two decades and throughout his lengthy ongoing career, the seven time Super Bowl champion has formed a number of rivalries with other legends in the sport. While almost all of his concurrent stars have now retired, Brady is still continuing at his peak. Nonetheless, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers icon is still ready to pass some cheeky banters at his former adversaries, with his most comments on Peyton Manning and Tony Romo making the headlines.

Tom Brady has witty responses to Manning and Romo for not respecting his speed

Fresh off of Bucs’ fourth straight victory against Buffalo Bills this weekend, Tom Brady took to Twitter to reach out to Tony Romo and Peyton Manning in a hysterical way. The 44-year-old, who rushed seven times for 16 years along with a touchdown, threw some comical sneer at his former adversaries for not respecting his speed, in a 30-second clip he tweeted along with the caption,Tony and Peyton hating from the booth! Come on guys… @EAMaddenNFL”

“So I was rewatching the broadcast last night,” Brady said in the clip, “And I heard Tony say, ‘Tom does that in the pocket all day long. That’s the same thing he does to move people with his eyes. Cuz he’s slow, right? He can’t actually make someone miss.’ So is he not watching? Because … ”

Peyton Manning, who recently collaborated with EA to become a rating adjuster for Madden NFL 22, played a prank on Brady by jokingly downgrading his overall to just 44. To which, the former Patriots stalwart had a response as well.

“Hey EA, tell Peyton to jack my speed rating back up,” Brady added.


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Tom Brady passed some hilarious comments on former rivals Peyton Manning and Tony Romo for not respecting his speed

The 44-year-old rushed 7 times for 16 yards and scored a TD against the Bills this week.

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