The Rock recalls The Undertaker ‘having his back’ while others tried to put him down

The Rock

The former WWE star, The Rock recently spoke about the wrestling legend, The Undertaker during WWE Network’s show, Meeting The Undertaker.

The Rock says The Undertaker stood by him in tough times

The Rock

The Rock might be one of the greatest stars in the history of WWE now but back in the early days of his career, he was a victim of bullying from the members of The Kliq and other wrestlers.

‘The Great One’ was also tried to be pulled down by other wrestlers when he was set to get the first major push of his career. When it was decided that he would get a WWE Championship run in 1998, some members of the locker room showed displeasure to the decision. The Rock himself confirmed the story.

The Rock said, “This is stuff I’ve never shared but I do want to share it because it’s important. When I started to make the move [up the card] and word started to get around that the office was priming me for a WWE Championship run, there were a handful of guys in the business at the time who did everything they could to stop that run from happening.”

The Rock recalls The Undertaker 'having his back' while others tried to put him down - THE SPORTS ROOM

However, ‘The Great One’ went onto become a top star of the company overcoming the odds and had multiple feuds with the likes of Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker.

During the show, he opened up on The Undertaker stating that he stood by in the difficult times. He encouraged The Rock to carry on and focus on his work. The Rock appreciated the help that The Undertaker had provided and said he will always be grateful

The Rock recalled, “He was always so steady, telling me, ‘Don’t worry about it, kid. Just go out and keep doing your thing. You have a hell of a future.'”

“I always appreciated that about Mark. It spoke volumes about his integrity and love for the business. And I’ll always be grateful for that”, added The Rock.

The Rock recalls The Undertaker 'having his back' while others tried to put him down - THE SPORTS ROOM

The veteran wrestler is an inspiration for everyone and he has provided an immense contribution to WWE and the wrestling business for thirty long years.

As reported earlier, several WWE stars draw inspiration from ‘The Phenom’ and he is a completely different person when it comes to having backstage conversations.

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