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The most popular betting formats

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Betting on different kinds of sports has been around for as long as people have competed against each other. Betting today is a massive industry and people from all over the world use sports betting as a way of adding some extra excitement to watching their favorite teams play. With the rise of online betting, sports bettors today have a lot more variety and options regarding what type of betting they want to take part in. 

Even if there are many different ways to bet, some formats stand out among the lot. In this article, we will share some of the most common ways people bet on sports, and how these formats work. Most of these betting formats are available on many betting apps including TPP recommended ones that are becoming very popular with bettors, both new and experienced.  

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The most straightforward alternative 

The least complex betting format is also one that is very popular with many players. This format simply consists of the player picking the winner of a sports game or match, or some other contest, between two teams. This may not be very exciting to some, but it can pass as an entertaining way of gambling that many people enjoy. 

Combination bets offer more options 

For those looking for more complex forms of gambling, combination bets can offer just that. As implied by the name this is a form of betting where the bettor picks different things that can happen throughout the course of a game and then combines these under the same bet to receive better odds. An example of this may be as follows: Team A wins over Team B. Player C scores at least one goal. Team B scores less than 2 goals.

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While all of these things may likely happen during the course of a game, the chances of all of them happening in one game, is far less likely. Therefore, the one who places the bet is able to receive much higher odds.

Live betting

This is a very modern form of betting that has been made possible through online betting platforms. As implied by the name this is a fast-paced form of betting where wagers are made while a sports game is still being played. Oftentimes, these bets are only active for a short period of time and give the player the ability to capitalize on things that happen during a game as they happen.

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