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Taylor Swift’s Short Film “All Too Well” Lands Nomination At Oscars 2023

American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift, who has already received 11 Grammy Awards and an Emmy, is within sniffing distance from joining a reputable status of EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) as her All Too Well: The Short Film makes her entitled for the Oscars.

Generally, nominees in the best live-action short, best documentary short and best animated shortlist in the Academy Awards are subsidiary programs made by unknown names. Yet the Oscars for next year, influential names from domains like music and sports which are not connected to cinema are appearing noticeably.

According to THR the 14-minute video treatment of the singer which is a part of music video and film, starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien is eligible to be nominated for the Oscars next year in the Best Live Action Short category.

THR says more about the short film that it might have actually been up for Best Picture, technically, had it come out in 2022  but as it was released in 2021 lately, it misses that window though, Best Short is still in play. For a week straight last year, ‘ATW’ was screened in an AMC theater in Lincoln Square, and for that reason it can get a nod.

Probably, Taylor may also be in the running for another Oscar nomination, because of an original song she did for ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ which would be clear with time .

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However, it is just the latest signal that TS is turning toward movies. Earlier This year, she did a whole Q&A at the Tribeca Film Festival to talk about ‘All Too Well’ and she is also featuring in some important jerks that are in the works. Things where her skills will be tested.

During the Q&A, she brought up that the film was influenced by Barbara Stanwyck’s films, particularly Stella Dallas from 1937.

Already she has proven herself to be a sensible director and shortly abd she could be a freaking Oscar winner if all falls into place for her.

After the news was announced, many fans took to Twitter to expel their joy. According to one euphoric Twitter user, All Too Well: The Short Film is, “the most iconic short film ever that deserves to win”.

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