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Serena Williams Reveals She Reached Out To Tiger Woods For Retirement Advice

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American tennis icon Serena Williams has given an explanation of her belief that it’s time to depart from tennis and spend time with her family following an embellished career in the sport. She also reveals going to her friend Tiger Woods for guidance as she thought about retirement.

On Tuesday, one bombshell of an announcement was released by Serena Williams. The player stated that she is ‘evolving away from tennis’ after almost a 27 years long profession, with regard to special things which hold more importance in her life.

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The 23-times Grand Slam champion indicated about hanging up her tennis racket, most probably after the upcoming US Open. The 40-year-old William attributed golf star, Tiger Woods, in her column on Vogue for helping her to take the decision about calling it a career.

This whole evolution thing has not been easy for me: Serena Williams

In 2021, William injured her leg at Wimbledon. Recently when she felt “the itch to get back on the court” for the first time, she went to 46-year-old Woods who arose with fame in the profession of golf while Williams ascended to the world of tennis.

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“I said, ‘I don’t know what to do: I think I’m over it, but maybe I’m not over [tennis],” wrote Williams, “He’s Tiger, and he was adamant that I be a beast the same way he is! He said, ‘Serena, what if you just gave it two weeks? You don’t have to commit to anything. You just go out on the court every day for two weeks and give it your all and see what happens.’ I said, ‘All right, I think I can do that.'”

“I was good. I was really good,” Williams penned of her comeback, “I went back and forth about whether to play Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open after that. As I’ve said, this whole evolution thing has not been easy for me.”

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William acknowledged that she “wasn’t ready to win Wimbledon this year,” in her Vogue piece. The mom to 4-year-old Olympia lost a tough comeback match at Wimbledon to Harmony Tan in June. “And I don’t know if I will be ready to win New York,” she continued, “But I’m going to try.”

Ahead of preparing for her final Grand Slam tournament of the season, Williams marked a win over Spain’s Nuria Párrizas Díaz at the Canadian Open.

“I know there’s a fan fantasy that I might have tied Margaret that day in London, then maybe beat her record in New York, and then at the trophy ceremony say, ‘See ya!’ ” Williams wrote of her impending retirement, “… But I’m not looking for some ceremonial, final on-court moment. I’m terrible at goodbyes, the world’s worst. But please know that I am more grateful for you than I can ever express in words. You have carried me to so many wins and so many trophies. I’m going to miss that version of me, that girl who played tennis. And I’m going to miss you.”

Woods, likewise, is currently feeling vagueness about his future career. The golf legend, who has clocked the second highest no of major championship wins (after Jack Nicklaus at 18), hinted that he might have played his last British Open last month after missing the cut and making an emotional exit from Scotland’s Old Course at St. Andrews.

Williams, the mother of 4-year-old Olympia, also acknowledged that she has been “reluctant to admit” to both herself as well her near and dear ones she has to bid adieu to the sport and the Serena Ventures founder added that she is looking to give her focus elsewhere, which include she and her husband Alexis Ohanian planning a second child.

Williams will play at the U.S. Open in New York City, taking place between 29th August and 11th September.

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