Sean Waltman outlines if WWE will be put up on sale

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WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman recently opened up about the mass release of WWE stars and spoke about the recent rumors of the company being put on the eventual sale.

Sean Waltman discusses the release of WWE stars

As many as 16 WWE stars have been released since April and it has led to the speculation of the company be putting up on sale by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

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During the latest episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life, two-time Sean Waltman discussed the latest news from the past week which stated that WWE released top stars to increase their net worth before the sale of the company. The Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman had questioned Waltman about his take on the speculations.

He pointed out the former WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman to be the biggest name on the list.

Waltman said: “He was in one of the main events of WrestleMania last year. It’s a surprise, but it’s not a shock. Nothing like that shocks me when it comes to that. People are speculating as to why. A lot of people are talking.”

Sean Waltman opens up on the potential sale of WWE

Sean Waltman

There has been speculations in the wrestling world that these cuts could be the indication of a future sale but Sean Waltman gave this thoughts on the situation.

He said: “Yeah, sure. I don’t know that he’s ready to do so yet. He might want to cash out. It could be like, ‘Yeah, I’ll sell, but I’ll still have some say over the company.’

He compared it to when AOL bought Turner Broadcasting and he reckons WWE is “trying to get the bottom line as best as they can get it working for their shareholders.”

He also said that the released stars could also be headed to rival company, AEW as many WWE stars have done it in the past. Most recently, Andrade was also introduced to the AEW fans by Vickie Guerrero on Dynamite.

It will not be a surprise if a handful of the released stars make their way to AEW. It has been also noted that the stars are receiving bookings for the indie appearances and we will see which stars end up joining with AEW or any other promotion.

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