Triple H responds to the fans for heavily criticizing NXT

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Triple H recently fired back at the fans for their criticism towards the product of NXT during his media call for NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

The Game was asked by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer about the lack of talents getting main roster call ups and tasting success the including the likes of Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens.

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Triple H responds to the remarks

Triple H

Triple H did not hold back from stating that the fans are themselves ruining the product. He said that the fans are keen to figure out what is happening and why is the reason behind it. He also talked about their multiple preferences and comparison with other products

He said: “Do you like it, or do you not like it? Do you like it, and do you have to say, I like it but I Oh I like this other thing more, or I like it, but I don’t like it as much as I like that one like watch it or don’t, and stop trying to figure out where everything goes.”

The former WWE Champion also mentioned about the fact that nowadays the fans often have the tendency to go search about the rumors and speculations and thus when it actually takes place, they are not surprised and that is what ruining.

He added: “Fans ruin their own stuff half the time trying to figure out where everything goes and why it’s going there and how and then trying to pick up their phone and go search for the thing to find out what it is that can ruin it for them, so they’re not surprised when it happens like I don’t understand that.”

Triple H is thrilled with NXT

Triple H went on to say that he is satisfied with the current stature of NXT but it is needless to say he wants it to get better and grow more.

The Game also said it is a marathon and not a sprint and that he wants the brand to flourish in the long run. He also added that he wants NXT to evolve three to four years from now and if it does not then it is a thing to worry.

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