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Sarah Backman: An arm wrestling phenom

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Sarah Backman is one of the most popular female Arm Wrestlers out there. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden and started Arm Wrestling at a young age of 14. She was born on 8th December 1991 and she is currently 28-years old.

Once she got into the sport, it wasn’t hard for her to climb up through the ranks of Arm Wrestling. She got into the sport after being introduced to fellow Arm Wrestler Malin Kleinsmith in her first-ever training session.

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Sarah Backman

She is also one of the most decorated female Arm Wrestler of all time. She already has eight world championship titles, eight European championship titles, and 11 Swedish national titles to her name.

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“It changed my life completely, going from an overweight, bullied kid, it transformed me into a dedicated athlete in just a couple years.” Sarah said on how Arm Wrestling made a positive change in her life.

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Standing at 5-foot-8-inches (173 cm) tall and weighing at around 78 kg, her dominance in the sport of Arm Wrestling led her to get featured on the Swedish version of American Gladiators and it earned her the reputation as the strongest female arm wrestler on the planet.

Sarah took a short hiatus in 2013 but returned back to Arm Wrestling in 2016.

She last competed in a tournament back in June against male and female Arm Wrestlers. Not only did she win the left and right arm competition in the women’s category, but she also competed in the men’s left-hand category 165lb/75kg in a round-robin format and won the category undefeated.


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