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Ahead of the Russian Grand Prix, tension rises between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are to race against each other at the upcoming Russian Grand Prix. The duo had previously crashed into each other at the Italian Grand Prix event. Ever since the last race, the tension between the two has magnified. Ahead of the event, Max Verstappen is very relaxed about the whole event. He enjoys racing and driving the car. Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, is all too aware of the feelings and he is under a lot of pressure.

“There is a lot of pressure. You’re working in a big team and there is a lot of self-expectation and pressure because the desire to win is huge. I empathise and understand that. But I know we will continue to grow from this.”

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Max Verstappen

Lewis also mentioned that he understands that his fellow racer Max must be feeling the same and that he understands him. Max scoffed at this and refuted Lewis’ statement and said that he does not know him well enough to make such comments.

If someone  knows me, I am very relaxed about all those things: Max Verstappen

“I am very chilled. It is the best feeling ever to have a car, a great car, where you can go into every weekend and you can fight for a win. Those comments just show you that he really doesn’t know me. Which is fine. I also don’t really need to know him, how he is fully.”

I just focus on myself and I really enjoy it out there at the front and hopefully we can do that for a very long time,” said Max Verstappen.

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After the crash, Lewis in an interview with the media houses commented that Max had walked away without even checking his condition. In reply to this, Max had made a sarcastic comment: “There are a lot of hypocrites in the world, that’s for sure.”

Despite the strained relationship between the two racers, Lewis hopes that both of them can grow from their journey together and can compete fairly in a professional manner.

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“What’s important is we continue to race hard but fair. I have no doubts we will both be professional and learn from the past.” [H/T BBC]

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