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“What a terrible choice of opponent”-PBC to pit Jermall Charlo against canelo Alvarez after the Multi-year deal with Amazon Prime Video

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PBC or Premiere Boxing Champions is looking for a fresh start after ending its partnership with Showtime. Amazon Prime Video is set to become the new platform for PBC’s pay-per-view events. PBC is not where they were once, but they are looking for a revival. Al Haymon is planning to present the topmost fights in front of the audience and for that, he needs a topmost platform and that is where Amazon Prime comes in.

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We are thrilled to join with Premier Boxing Champions to bring the world’s best boxers to Prime Video and allow more fans than ever to experience these must-see events,said Marie Donoghue, vice president of sports content at Amazon.

Is PBC making a mistake by matching up Charlo against Canelo Alvarez?

Premiere Boxing Champions has a huge roaster with more than 150 fighters and one of the most latest additions to that list is Canelo Alvarez. The Mexican boxer broke up with Eddie Hearn and announced in mid-2023 that he signed a 100 million dollar three-fight agreement with PBC.

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Alvarez already completed the first fight with Premiere Boxing Champions against Jermell Charlo which he won with ease. it is rumored that Jermell’s twin Jarmall is going to be Canelo Alvarez’s opponent on May 4th. Jarmall is better than his brother in every fighting aspect. The unbeaten WBC middleweight champion Jarmall is stronger, bigger, and fights with a killing instinct deadlier than his twin.


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Many fans are wondering if Jarmall Charlo is the right matchup for Canelo Alvarez. The combat world was expecting David Benavidez against Canelo Alvarez. David Benavidez’s intentions of fighting Canelo Alvarez are no secret and it could have been a matchup more exciting and intriguing than Alvarez vs Jarmall according to the fans.

Premiere Boxing Champion’s plans for Prime Video in 2024  are under serious question. Rick Glaser a boxing matchmaker openly criticised PBC’s plan of a Alvarez vs Jarmall fight.

Fans react to PBC and Amazon Prime agreement

Fans are divided over Premiere Boxing Champions and Amazon Prime’s future. some believe that the deal will turn into a success and some choose to believe the other way

“What a terrible choice of oppenent. Money grab. Ya know Canelo gonna do his thing. Could of been matched against Bud, David B, Morrell or possibly Mungia. Best thing fans can do if they want change is to not buy it. If you buy it, they will keep giving us fights like this.” one user commented

“From what I’ve heard, Amazon isn’t really that invested in the PBC. They’re just offering the PBC a platform to distribute their shows, but not giving PBC a budget. That means PBC has to finance their own shows. That means a huge budget cut for them and not a sign of longevity.” another added

No matter what Amazon has big plans for Premiere Boxing Champions as they are also planning for a behind-the-scenes  Docuseries. Only time will tell how the deal will turn out, whether it will be a success or a reason behind PBC shutting down.

PBC to pit Jermall against Canelo Alvarez after the Multi-year deal with Amazon Prime Video.

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