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Parting of the ways: Nick Kyrgios’ spat with girlfriend turns ugly

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Nick Kyrgios is in ways more than one not your ordinary run of the mill tennis player.

Be it his on-court antics, his direct confrontations with the sporting GOATS, his seemingly never-ending store of talent, or his panache for drama, the man knows how to stay in the news. Perhaps that is the reason that as of now the biggest tennis news is Nick Kyrgios’s relationship drama when just a day ago Novak Djokovic had won a record ninth Australian open grand slam.

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Nick Kyrgios has seemingly parted ways with girlfriend Chiara Passari after the latter shared an extremely explosive Instagram post accusing the Australian tennis star of cheating as well as inflicting mental and domestic abuse.

How Nick Kyrgios’s relationship turned sour-

Nick’s relationship much like his game is a rollercoaster ride that keeps fans guessing of his next move.

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Nick and Chiara’s love seemed to be soaring to new heights during this year’s Australian Open.

Nick Kyrgios also posted a sweet message to Passari on a camera lens at the Australian Open, while she gushed about her man in a cute Valentine’s Day post, but the pair have again raised doubt about their relationship after more curious behavior on social media.

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For the second time this month deleted posts and cryptic Instagram stories have raised alarm bells about the young couple’s future.

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Three weeks ago Passari uploaded a text image that read: “Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they’re being unfaithful.”

Passari first posted – then deleted – a photo of herself in the stands watching Kyrgios at the Australian Open, captioning it: “Laughing at myself for believing a …” in a pointed barb at the mercurial tennis talent.

The next day, she posted what appears to be a text message conversation between her and 25-year-old Kyrgios, before also deleting that post.

In the first message, Nick Kyrgios wrote: ‘Bye’

K: ‘Hahaha you got a dude there hahahaha’

K: ‘Too good.’

K: ‘You disgust me … haha’

K: ‘Hahahahhaaha’

K: ‘So good’

K: ‘Enjoy your life hshshs’

Passari: ‘You just told me everything without even knowing hahahaha.’

Kyrgios: ‘What?’

K: ‘Haha’

Ms Passari: ‘I’m sorry you hate yourself’

Kyrgios: ‘Goodluck’

K: ‘Be in Canberra the rest of your life you s**t … hahahahaha’

It appears to signal the potential end of a tumultuous relationship that was first confirmed in August of last year.

The end of this relationship marks a particularly sour span of time for Kyrgios after his spat with world Novak Djokovic had turned ugly and while the Australian world number 47 tried to evoke a verbal reaction, Novak had replied with a stunning straight-sets victory in the Australian Open to lift his 18th grand slam.

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