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Monster Factory 2: The Arm Wrestling’s A-Team to compete on July 9

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Everything you need to know about Monster Factory 2: Michael Todd vs Todd Hutchings

The year 2022 has been turning out incredible for the sport of arm wrestling. Just six months in and we have already been treated with spectacular events such as King of the Table 3, East vs West 3 and of course, the massive King of the Table 4 which saw the grand super match of Devon Larratt vs Levan Saginashvili on the headliner.

Michael Todd, Monster Factory 2 Arm Wrestling
Michael Todd, Monster Factory 2 Arm Wrestling | Photo Credit: World ArmWrestling League (WAL)

It has not even been two weeks since the arm wrestling community was treated with the incredible King of the 4 event, which saw Levan Saginashvili demolishing Devon Larratt to a 6-0 victory and while the fandom still remains dazed from KOTT 4.0, we are set to be treated with Monster Factory 2, another top of the line upcoming event, featuring the likes of Michael Todd, John Brzenk, Todd Hutchings, Corey West and many more legendary names on a mouth-watering fight card taking place this 9th July in Arkansas.

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Monster Factory 2 Arm Wrestling: Michael Todd returns against Todd Hutchings, John Brzenk takes on Corey West

Monster Michael Todd, one of the household names in the sport, is coming back to the table after featuring in the East vs. West 3 event on 22nd May. The 18-times World and 34 times National champion will be facing the Todd Hutchings, aka the “Toddzilla”, a three time WAL Championship and three time WAL Regional Middleweight champion.

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The co-main event will see the return of the iconic John Brzenk against Corey West. Brzenk, a name that needs no introduction, headlined East vs. West 3 event against Zurab Tavberidze. Corey West, one of the most popular arm wrestlers from the USA, was featured on the undercard of KOTT 4.0 against Alex Kurdecha.

A total of ten matches will be played at Monster Factory 2, with only one of them will be Left Hand. The matches will be in a best of five format.

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Monster Factory 2 Time | Michael Todd vs Todd Hutchings Time

Monster Factory 2: Michael Todd vs Todd Hutchings will commence from 3 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)/6 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Monster Factory 2 Date

Monster Factory 2 will take place on Saturday, 9th July

Where to watch Monster Factory 2

Monster Factory 2 will stream live on Monster Michael Todd’s Youtube Channel for free.

Monster Factory 2 Full Fight Card:

  • Main Event: Michael Todd vs Todd Hutchings (Right Hand)
  • Co-Main Event: John Brzenk vs Corey West (Right Hand)
  • Paul Linn vs BJ Fokakis (Right Hand)
  • Craig Tullier vs Roger Kangingham (Right Hand)
  • Pavlo Derbedyenyev vs Paul Talbott (Left Hand)
  • Bill Logsdon vs Bob Brown (Right Hand)
  • Cody Vandeweerd vs Dustin Hyatt (Right Hand)
  • Pavlo Derbedyenyev vs Eric Gerlach (Right Hand)
  • Don Underwood vs Devin Gagnebin (Right Hand)
  • Darin Bills vs Tim Tallmadge (Right Hand)
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