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Michael Todd open to a boxing match against Devon Larratt

Michael Todd and Devon Larratt are two of the biggest names in global arm wrestling today, and its undoubtedly a treat for the fans of the sport to see the two giants lock their arms on the table.

However, Todd has just dropped a massive bombshell that apart from the arm wrestling table, he is ready to step inside the squared circle against Larratt for a boxing match, provided the right rewards.

The two time WAL Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight champion and one of the earliest Arm Wars Superseries champions, Michael Todd recently made an appearance in an interview with Asia’s biggest professional arm wrestling league- the Pro Panja League

The interview featured Todd along with many PPL superstars as well as the host Mr Parvin Dabas. Towards the end of the interview where Todd discussed various topics regarding arm wrestling with his fellow athletes, including why he trains for only fifteen minutes a day, Mr Dabas had an interesting question for “The Monster”.

Larratt, who defeated Todd at the ‘King of the Table’ event which took place at the Conrad Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on 28th May via unanimous decision (5-0), is in the works to be making his boxing debut against Hafthor “The Mountain” Björnsson.

Larratt has been selected to replace Eddie Hall in a boxing match at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on 18th September, and on the same notion, Mr Dabas asked Todd about his predictions for the fight.

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While responding to the question about the prediction for Larratt vs Hafthor, Todd revealed that he himself is willing to don the gloves to improve his popularity as well as for a good payday.

“When I was in Dubai in March- a long time ago, I told him (Larratt) if you tell me what the numbers are, for my social media to be high enough for me to be in a celebrity boxing match, and as soon as I get there, book me a fight. I will 100% fight if there’s a payday. I’m not fighting for free, just to get punched, but if its gonna help me out and provide for my family, I will fight anybody,” Todd said during the interview.

So when this happened with Eddie, I was on the phone with Devon, I’m like ‘Dude, I will fight Thor, what’s that pay?’ he goes, ‘I’ve already messaged him’. So this was two months ago, before he even got the fight. This was a day after Eddie’s bicep (tear), he and I were both talking about it. Obviously Devon makes the most sense because he has the bigger social media, he beat me, you know. So, he makes more sense.

“Now, I did say and said on several platforms, I hope Devon does very very well and I hope somebody wants to pay us a bunch of money for us to fight each other next year, because I will 100% fight Devon if he wins,” he concluded.


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