Mark Henry reveals huge plans with All Out PPV to improve fan experience

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AEW analyst Mark Henry recently talked about All Out pay-per-view that will enhance the fan experience.

Tony Khan’s promotion have been dishing out some remarkable content for the wrestling fans since their inception back in 2019. The alternate product to WWE have been loved by the fans and they are eyeing to improve even more to elevate their standards.

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Mark Henry: “That’s gonna be our ‘WrestleMania week'”

The former WWE star have gotten the experience of WrestleMania on multiple occasions and he knows how huge event it is for WWE. It is the company’s flagship pay-per-view and now AEW is planning to do something similar with All Out pay-per-view.

Mark Henry reveals huge plans with All Out PPV to improve fan experience - THE SPORTS ROOM

The WrestleMania weekend is pretty exciting for the WWE Universe as they get to meet their stars and interact with them. WWE holds the WrestleMania Axxess event and it is quite a show through the week leading up to the main show.

Now, Mark Henry revealed on the Battleground Podcast that AEW could be following a similar path to improve the fan experience. He was asked: “Are there any plans of AEW having a fan experience like the WrestleMania experience, kinda like the WWE does, a week long event?”

Mark Henry reveals the activites for the All Out week

The World’s Strongest Man responded in positively affirmative, stating AEW All Out will be showcasing something with a five-day lineup leading up to the main show on September 5. He said:

You know what man, that is definitely gonna happen. It’s already in the works. We will be in Chicago from September 1st to the 5th and that’s gonna be our ‘WrestleMania week’.

He added:

Like there’s gonna be softball games, fan fests, autograph signings, podcasts, there will be symposiums with talents as well as myself trying to break down why we do what we do, when we’re gonna do it. Eventually you get a big blowout show on September 5th”

September 1 will see AEW Dynamite, while AEW Rampage will be on September 3, and All Out will be on September 5, all three in Chicago. Fans attending the event will be in for a great experience.

It is needless to say that WWE and AEW have a ‘healthy competition’ and one will certainly try to serve the better to the fans. It was also noted that the tickets for the All Out pay-per-view were sold almost immediately indicating the huge excitement of the fans.