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Baccarats in other words can be mentioned as zero. Casino baccarat is game played by only two player the banker and the player. (เครดิตฟรีไม่มีเงื่อนไข 2021 ล่าสุด) Many of you know poker and blackjack, baccarat is just the same with little changes.

The best part of baccarat is you can bet on the hand which is going to win, may be bankers or player. Before you start playing you can bet on winning hand. It never requires any skills completely based on your luck.

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In a pack of 52 cards is shuffled and dealt from the dealing box by the dealer. This is called as shoes. The banker and player casino any one can releases one card at a time, which faces down.

If any player gets 8 or 9 then it is called as neutral and they are declared as winner, if both are having same value then the game is tie.

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If both hands didn’t get the chance of winning after two cards are dealt, then they can move to next part of the game.


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  • If the player has 5 or less than points, he gets another card.
    • If the player has 6 and more than that he can’t get card.


  • Same as player if banker has 5 or less points then he can get another card.
    • If the players card is less than 2 or 3 then banker card will worth only 4 or less, he can get another card.
    • If the players third card is also less than 5 than banker will get another card only if banker card worth less than 5.
    • Suppose the third card player is 6 or 7 and bank can take a card unless his card worth is 6 or less than that.
    • If the player got card worth 8 or more then bank can’t get a card when his card worth 2 or less.
    • If the players card is 9, 10, j, k, a or q and if the bank has card worth 3 or less game is player’s hand.


Casino baccarat doesn’t have any real strategy that can improve your chance of winning. But when the game begins you might get the chance of winning by betting on the player’s hand. Most important tactics is finding the table with minimum number of decks. Usually, 8 decks with 52 cards are used in traditional baccarat games but now there are new versions have been used with few cards.

Like blackjack people are not allowed to count cards, because that is considered as cheating in baccarat game. There are 14 betting positions on each table. 7 places for the player and 7 for the banker. The positions are from 1-15, and 13 is excluded as it’s considered an unlucky number.  



Macao is the origin of baccarat were the name and rules are suggested by northeast people in the 17th century. Macao uses 2 decks of cards shuffled. Victoria is another version of baccarat which is not currently in trend.


This is the old version of baccarat which means railway, as railway is fastest means of transport. Chemin de fer appeared in 19th century from French, they play with six decks cards that are shuffled.


This game is same as chemin de fer in which the position of banker and player are the same, and shoe has three inter shuffled cards.


This is the smallest version of baccarat which is popularly known after 20th century. The game with 1 banker instead of three and table used for this game is also not large as blackjack table.


Casino games where the potentials to win money involved, that can be fun filled and remunerative at time. Be a player of responsible gambling, only gamble with the money you can afford to lose. But be aware that baccarat is the game truly based on your luck.

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