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King Of The Table 9 Result: Devon Larratt defeats Georgi Tsvetkov 6-0

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King of the Table 9 featured Devon Larratt showcasing his absolute dominance to secure a win over Georgi Tsvetkov in the right hand. Right from the beginning of the match-up, Devon Larratt used his mind games to exert pressure on the Bulgarian Armwrestler.

In the opening round of KOTT9, Devon Larratt used his side pressure to move Georgi’s hands off the center, however, the Bulgarian used his backpressure to hold his line. To make things worse for Georgi, Devon unleashed a series of taunts and trash talks in the middle of the round. However, Georgi held his own and went for a couple of rallies of his own, but Devon managed to hold him off.

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Devon Larratt defeats Georgi Tsvetkov 6-0 at King Of The Table 9
Devon Larratt defeats Georgi Tsvetkov 6-0 at King Of The Table 9 | Pic Credit – Coresports

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Devon Larratt then adjusted his body to get into the shoulder press position and taunted Georgi mid fight, “Don’t quit Georgi, Don’t quit now. You came here for war,”. However, the Bulgarian went out of steam and Larratt pinned him to take the lead in the first round.

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The second round started with both fighters slipping off as the match went into the strap. The second round started off better for Georgi than Round 1. As Devon applied his side pressure, Georgi managed to hold it off to maintain the center position. The Bulgarian then went on a couple of rallies of backpressure to move Devon’s hand off the center. However, Devon’s insane back pressure meant that, he was able to fend off all the aggressive rallies to the point where Georgi was just inches off the pad, but wasn’t able to secure a pin. It was only a matter of time before Georgi ran out of steam and Devon got into the shoulder press position to ultimately him.

Larratt continues his domination with some trash talk

Don’t give up !! Why are you giving up all the time Georgi?,” Devon Larratt exclaimed.

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Round 3 was no different to Round 2. Both the armwrestlers went through the exact same position, only for Devon to execute a piledriver to secure a pin. There were couple of strong rallies from Georgi Tsvetkov, but it just wasn’t enough to fend off Devon Larratt.

In Round 4, however, it felt like Devon’s mind games have already taken a toll on Georgi Tsvetkov. While, he had his rallies as usual in the round, he fouled out three times to lose round 4 giving Devon Larratt the win.

Round 5 was just a formality as Devon had already defended his super heavyweight title. But Georgi still came to the table with a small slimer of hope of winning atleast one round against Devon Larratt, but that wasn’t going to be the case as Devon Larratt pinned him to get the win. Georgi didn’t want to continue for the sixth round.


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Result: Devon Larratt defeats Georgi Tsvetkov 6-0 at King Of The Table 9.

Devon Larratt calls out Levan Saginashvili for a rematch

Following his win at King Of The Table 9, Devon Larratt called out Levan Saginashvili for a rematch in April. “He has been gone for a bit, but in my opinion he is the greatest Armwrestler that has ever lived. The highest peak with John Brzenk and then there’s Levan Saginashvili. As far as I am concerned, no one can be happy with calling themselves super heavyweight division till they defeat Levan Saginashvili. So Levan, last time you hurt me, but I haven’t stopped. I am at a different level now and if you’re 3% worst and I am 3% better, I am gonna destroy you and who knows, even if you’re better, I might destroy you. I will see you very soon Levan, I hope you’re training.” Devon said after his match-up at King Of The Table 9.

Devon Larratt and Levan Saginashvili have previously competed at King Of The Table 4, where Levan defeated Devon 6-0.

King Of The Table 9 Result

Main Event: Devon Larratt defeats Georgi Tsvetkov 6-0

Co-Main Event: Ermes Gasparini defeats Vitaly Laletin 4-2

Leonidas Arkona defeats Larry Wheels 4-0

Serhii Kalinichenko defeats Arif Artem 5-1

Lars Rørbakken defeats Valera Chubotaru 4-3

Nisa Camadan defeats Sarah Collins 6-0


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