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King Of The Table 3: Everything You Need To Know About Sarah Backman vs Gabi Vasconcelos Match-up

The year 2021 saw two unprecedented and historic matchups in the sport of arm wrestling- the first and second edition of the grand “King of the Table” event, taking place in May and December respectively. Now, the coming year will be kickstarting with the third edition, “King of the Table 3” on 27th March, featuring none other than arm wrestling giants Sarah Backman and Gabi Vasconcelos taking each other on in the main event.

The main event of both KOTT 1 and 2 featured Devon Larratt, who clashed against Michael Todd and John Brzenk in the main events respectively. The Canadian had won both matchups with dominating performances, defeating Todd and Brzenk by 5-0 and 4-0 margins.

The main event of King of the Table 3 will feature a highly competitive matchup between two of the greatest female arm wrestlers of all time, Sarah Backman and Gabi Vasconcelos. The undercard will also feature top arm wrestlers Wagner Bortolato vs Ermes Gasparini, as well as Rob Vigeant vs Ryan Bowden.

Sarah Backman vs Gabi Vasconcelos: Arm wrestling’s elites to grace the KOTT 3 main event

One of the most popular female wrestlers of modern times, Sarah Backman is famed as a “phenom” when it comes to the art of pulling. The 30-year-old Swede, who has a rich pro wrestling background, is one of the most decorated female Arm Wrestler of all time.

Sarah Bäckman | Back and biceps, Female athletes, Delts

Taking up arm wrestling at 14 years of age after being exposed to the sport by fellow Arm Wrestler Malin Kleinsmith, Backman rose to the peak layer of the sport with sheer finesse and power that she displays on the table.

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Across her career, Backman has won the World Arm Wrestling Championship eight times, the European Arm Wrestling Championship eight times, and the Swedish Arm Wrestling Championship eleven times.

To be featured against Backman in the main event of King of the Table 3 is Gabi Vasconcelos, a heavyweight name in the sport, who hails from Campinas Municipality in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Nicknamed “Iron Angel”, Gabi started off as a gymnast but had a switch in her journey as an athlete after she was introduced to arm wrestling when she was only 12 years old. It took her only three weeks to show her dominance on the table and in her first tournament, Gabi was placed 1st right and 2nd left in her age group.

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Over her career, Gabi has won a whopping 28 world titles, and had clinched 16 of them, including 11 junior and 5 senior titles by the age of 25. She has been very dominant inher weight class and is one of the most powerful and technical pullers at present. The 33-year-old, however, hasn’t let go of her first athletic endeavor and is a professional gymnast coach.

Sarah Backman and Gabi Vasconcelos previously pulled at WAL 506, which took place in September 2019 in Atlanta, where the latter stunned the arm wrestling scene with her performance. Making her WAL debut, Gabi dominated Backman to a 3-0 finish, winning her first league matchup. The first time Backman and Gabi faced each other was at Arm Wars in 2017, in which Backman finished off Gabi to a 4-0 victory.

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Arm wrestling icons Sarah Backman and Gabi Vasconcelos will be featured in the main event of King of the Table 3 on 27th March next year

Backman and Gabi faced each other twice in the past and both have a win over the other

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