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A blessing in disguise: Jey Uso claims Jimmy’s knee injury helped his career take pace

Jey Uso, the WWE star is having quite a great singles run after his brother Jimmy Uso has been out of action due to the knee injury he sustained.During a recent interview with Fox Sports, Jey said that his brother getting injured is unfortunate but has interestingly helped him in gaining momentum in his career.

Jey Uso reveals how his brother’s injury helped him

The Usos comprising of Jimmy and Jey Uso is undoubtedly one of the best tag-teams in the history of WWE but with Jimmy’s injury they were forced to split the team, though not officially.

It has kept Jimmy away from the ring but Jey’s career has escalated a lot since then. From being a mid-carder he actually entered the WWE Universal title picture against his own cousin Roman Reigns and has main evented pay-per-views. During the interview, Jey claimed that his brother’s injury came as a blessing for him.

He said: “I miss my brother … do not get it twisted. But this was a blessing in disguise. Straight up.Went from hosting the girl’s karaoke to winning a contender’s spot against my own cousin, Roman Reigns, and I main evented my own pay-per-view with him and then my own Hell in a Cell with him.”

Sometimes in WWE, the stars in the tag-teams do not get the opportunity to pursuit any singles championship which refrain them to utilize their potential. Similar thing happened with Jey and when he got the opportunity he grabbed it well but misses his brother on his side.

He said: “I always knew I could hang with singles work, because wrestling is wrestling, Uce. The only thing is, it felt weird not having Jimmy with me coming out. I’m always on the left, he’s always on the right. It was just a weird vibe.”

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Jey has joined forces with The Tribal Chief and it is to be seen what scenario can be witnessed once his twin brother heals and returns to action.

Jey Uso also spoke about missing the fans. They have been away from the WWE shows since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. However, the virtual presence of the fans are felt at the events through the WWE ThunderDome. But, it is needless to say that nothing can take the place of actual presence of the WWE Universe.


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