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How will Haas F1 perform in the 2024 season? Nico Hulkenberg Gives an Update

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Haas F1 starts the 2024 Formula 1 season with a lot of challenges both with the car and with the team. Even before the start of the season they parted ways with long time team principle Gunther Steiner. And it was speculated that they were looking at a tough season ahead.

In 2023, Haas F1 finishing last in the team standings. Their performance was marred by issues ranging from tire degradation, driver errors and an overall lack of race pace. However, the team remains resilient and determined to bounce back.

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Strength: Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg

Haas boasts a solid driver lineup for 2024. Kevin Magnussen, with his experience and aggressive driving style, will be a key asset. Nico Hulkenberg, returning to the F1 grid, brings a wealth of knowledge and hunger for success. Together, they aim to extract every ounce of performance from the Haas VF-24.

Haas F1

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Nico Hulkenberg on the New Car

According to some F1 journalists, Nico was open about the struggles with the car and performance. When asked: “Do you feel that the car is something that you can go racing with this year?”
Hulk replied, “We have to, whether we want to or not!”
It was clear that Nico was joking but the team’s struggles and driver’s disappointment was visible in the F1 season opener.
Hulk’s race had a bad start as he made contact with Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin at Turn 1. This forced him to take an unscheduled pit stop.

Talking about the incident, He said: “It’s very frustrating and disappointing, and it was a very similar scenario to last year into Turn 4 at the start,”

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How is the Haas F1 car compared to others?

After the 1st race, one thing was pretty clear that Haas F1 will be able to challenge for some better results this year. They might not be in contention for podiums but will certainly challenge other middle order teams.

Based on initial observations we can say that the VF-24’s aerodynamics, power unit, and overall balance aren’t very far off from other middle order teams. Now a lot will depend on the development work but this year looks slightly better for the only American team on the F1 grid.

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