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See this beautiful Gigi Bryant tribute mural with a hidden image of Kobe!

It has been more than a year since Kobe and Gigi Bryant left this world, but they are ever-present among the hearts of sports fans with the countless ways they have been tributed since then.

The Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer and his 13-year-old daughter lost their lives in a horrific helicopter crash that occurred in the early hours of 26th January last year.

A Sikorsky S-76 helicopter carrying Kobe and Gigi along with seven other passengers had crashed in the hills of Calabasas. The chopper caught fire immediately upon crashing, leaving no one alive on board.

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Tehrell Porter’s mural of Gigi Bryant has a secret image of Kobe

As the mournful incident shook the global sports fraternity and the fandom, many artists took to murals that tributed both Kobe and Gigi all over the world. One such mural of Gigi was drawn by artist Tehrell Porter in Los Angeles, which has a secret image of Kobe as well.

Porter shared the mural on his official Instagram account tehrell_porter_designs along with the caption where he asked the netizens to find out the hidden face of Kobe.

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Kobe and Gigi Tribute. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 What you think this art is saying ? Double Tap it when you see him,” the caption of the post read.

Taking a close look into the wavy hair of Gigi in the mural, one can see the face of Kobe.

With an aim to follow the footsteps of her father, Gigi Bryant herself was interested to build a career in basketball and was for the Mamba Sports Academy, and played competitively at the U-10 through U-15 levels. 

Gigi had a dream to play college basketball with University of Connecticut and was often an attendee of UConn, WNBA, and Lakers games with Kobe, who even addressed his daughter as the female version of himself.

“This kid, man… I’m telling you, The best thing that happens is when we go out, and fans will come up to me, and she’ll be standing next to me, and they will be like, ‘You gotta have a boy, you and V [wife Vanessa] gotta have a boy, man, to have somebody carry on the tradition, the legacy,'” Bryant told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in 2018, “and [Gigi] is like, ‘I got this!'” Bryant said. “That’s right. Yes, you do. You got this.”


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