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FIFA 21: Six new gameplay features to be excited about

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FIFA 21, EA Sports’ latest release into their revered football franchise has been all over the news in recent times. The game promises a huge overhaul of its good old career mode over its predecessors, and with the official gameplay trailer that just dropped today, the 28th instalment of the long running FIFA franchise is promising to bring a lot to the table.

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FIFA 21 is bringing a lot to the table for the fans of the series. A number of new leagues and competitions have been added in the roster, and the career mode is getting some major updates, something that dedicated FIFA players have always been vocal about.

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6 best gameplay features coming to FIFA 21

Before the release of every FIFA installment, EA drops in some changes to the gameplay. The previous entry, FIFA 20 saw the introduction of Strafe Dribbling, Controlled Tackling and Comnposed Finishing, and many other small changes and tweaks to its gameplay.

This time, the devs are hitting it big. The gameplay trailer released today, promises to bring about some major changes, from a reworked dribbling style to better control of players off the ball. Below here are five of the major gameplay changes players will get to see in FIFA 21.

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1. Agile Dribbling

Dribbling has always been a massive part of FIFA’s gameplay, be it against an AI or a human opponent. Now with the introduction of Agile Dribbling, the player will have a much swifter control of the ball on feet, with improved skill moves, resulting in picturesque passes or jaw dropping finishers.

2. Creative Runs

The through ball in older FIFA games did not let the player to take control of the run. Now, EA promises the Creative Runs feature to be a game changer. Movement off the bal is now direct, resulting in a better buildup, more organised attack and improved runs into space.

3. Positional Awareness

Footballers will now boast their Positional Awareness in the game just like their real life counterparts. This will bring a much more realistic feel to the game, as iconic strikers, midfielders or defenders will resemble their real world personalities in their gameplay, rather than just depending on their positions.

4. Natural Collision System

The player collision system was something that has been bugging FIFA players for years- players colliding down inside the box usually ended up being a game breaking mess. Now with the introduction of a Natural Collision System, players would react to collisions in a more realistic way, resulting in a more natural flow of the game.

5. Fundamentals of Football

From manual headers to long through balls, FIFA 21 is revamping some of the most basic yet most used fundamentals of gameplay. Additionally, pacing, dribbling and shooting are no longer overpowered, and particular attributes of players will be more impactful in game.

6. Gameplay Rewind

Made a bad shot, a misjudged pass, a dirty tackle or lacklustre save? FIFA 21 now has the Rewind feature for the kick off mode. The feature which will let players rewind the gameplay to a certain point, and have another go to make that perfect move.

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