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FIFA 21: Here’s all the new changes in career mode!

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FIFA 21 is the latest announced entry into EA Sports’ long running football franchise, which just dropped its official reveal trailer on Thursday. While the Ultimate Team game mode in the recent years has been a huge success for the series, many veteran fans as well as newcomers had their complaints about the dated Career Mode system. However, EA is bringing some serious changes this time.

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Dedicated FIFA fans had been vocal about their grievances on not polishing the career mode, while FUT, the main selling point of the franchise right now, had always received major updates.

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Even with the introduction of ‘The Journey’, the story campaign mode featuring the fictional player Alex Hunter, the career mode was a subject of slack. The good old method of managing your favourite club, or rising through the ranks as a player, were receiving much criticism from a huge chunk of the audience for no updates.

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However, EA has now gotten serious with the career mode for FIFA 21, and here’s all the changes that are coming in the next FIFA entry.

All the major changes coming in FIFA 21

1. Interactive Match Sim

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The introduction of the Interactive Match Sim is the biggest change coming to FIFA 21’s career mode. A simpler version of the Football Manager games, players will now be able to jump into set pieces while simulating a match, and also make real time tactical changes throughout the match, in addition to an in depth review of player ratings, stamina and substitutions, as well as challenging a decision.

2. Player development

Training a youth talent to become a superstar, or further developing an icon of your club is now getting revamped. Players will be able to retrain any player for a new position, as well as focusing on particular skills and setting up group training drills. There will also be an option to set up a weekly training schedule, balancing with fixtures and important matches.

3. Feedback system

FIFA 21 will see the introduction of a feedback system, which will detail a particular player’s preparedness before a match. The system will also monitor how much their rating changes when playing out of position, or when to give them a rest.

4. Transfer Market

One of the biggest parts of FIFA’s career mode is the transfer market. The reworked transfer system will see Loan-to-Buy deals, as well as future fees and an improved player swap system. Rival clubs will now have true to life reactions to any transfer deals made by the player.

5. Enhanced opposition AI

The computer controlled opposition will now act smarter regarding attacking and defending. Other factors such as substitutions, formation changes and similar decisions taken by the opposition AI will now have a much larger impact in a match.

6. Career mode setup

When starting a new career, players will now have the option of ‘Authentic Transfers’ mode for a realistic experience, or a ‘ Financial Takeover’ mode to boost funding.

FIFA 21 is releasing on 9th October 2020 on Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

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