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Courtside Karen: Fan who got into verbal tussle with LeBron James has become a Twitter meme

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Los Angeles Lakers defeated Atlanta Hawks 107-99 at State Farm Arena on Monday night to finish their seven game road trip. However, NBA Twitter is currently focused on something else.

Meet Juliana Carlos, who got involved with exchanging some heated talks with none other than LeBron James and ended up getting escorted out of the arena, has now become viral on Twitter with a new alias- ‘Courtside Karen’.

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Juliana Carlos aka ‘Courtside Karen’ claims she was verbally defending her husband against LeBron James

During the Hawks clash, James got involved with some verbal tussle with a couple of Hawks supporters, which continued all the way into the final quarter and got intensified.

Four fans were ejected out from the game, and among them was a woman named Juliana Carlos, who took to Instagram as she was getting kicked out of the court to lash out at James regarding the heckling during the match.

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Carlos alleged that the Lakers stalwart talked down at her husband during the game and only after her rebuttal, she was shown the door out of the arena.

“Just got kicked out of the game for talking shit to LeBron James for talking shit to my fucking husband,” the woman said in her Instagram story clip, “this is such f*****g bulls**t.”

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LeBron himself spoke up on the incident following the match, saying that it wasn’t the right decision to kick Carlos and the other Hawks fans out.

Nah, at the end of the day, I’m happy fans are back in the building. I missed that interaction,” the 36-year-old affirmed, “I don’t feel like it was warranted to be kicked out. There was a back-and-forth between two grown men.”

However, the player presumably saw the Instagram story Carlos posted and followed the Twitter trend soon afterward, as he wrote: “Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!” with some laughing emojis.

Carlos quickly became viral all over Twitter, while the netizens quickly adapted the ‘Courtside Karen’ name LeBron gave her, as ‘Karen’ is an internet slang used to stereotype a blonde woman who is typically angry or entitled and wants to voice complaints.

Seeing the couple on Instagram, as well as Carlos herself claiming that she’s ’25-year-old’, Twitter blew up with hilarious memes.

On the other hand, Lakers coach Frank Vogel wasn’t in favour of seeing fans without masks interacting with players in such a manner.

“You obviously can’t have fans taking their masks down and shouting at our players during these times,” said Vogel after the win.

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