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EXCLUSIVE: Dave Chaffee Talks Upcoming Match Against Vitaly Laletin At King of the Table 10, His Training Camp, Whether he’s 100% and MORE

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Dave Chaffee, one of the most successful and respected pullers in the World started pulling in 2006. However, he soon faced an adversary when he broke his arm at the table a few years later. Over the years, Dave Chaffee has battled various neck problems and other ailments but only got stronger

Fighting through the challenges, three years later in 2010, Dave Chaffee became the WAF World Champion. Dave Chaffee, known for his calm demeanour at the table has dominated the sport and wants to achieve more.

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Dave Chaffee will face Vitaly Laletin at King of The Table 10

Ahead of Dave Chaffee’s match against Vitaly Laletin at King of The Table 10, The Sports Room got in touch with Dave Chaffee and he spoke about the upcoming bout, detailing his training camp and sharing predictions for the match.

How has the training been going on for your match against Vitaly? What changes have you made in this training camp compared to your last?

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“My training has been going up pretty well actually. I was injured for quite some time actually from the last match with Vitaly, messed my hand up pretty bad, may have broken it. Never got any X-rays. I don’t know but it wasn’t right for over a year. I couldn’t train with it, I was training wrist to wrist and doing nothing with your hand and you realize my hands very important you know. Actually for anybody, arm wrestling but I utilize it quite a bit in my moves. So, to not be able to use my hand for quite a while it’s kind of difficult but I got some stem cells in October and come December my hands actually started to feel really really good. So [I] think about from October of 22 up until December of 23 my hand was messed up and now it’s starting to feel good. So, that’s one positive about this match. I can use my hand, I can train with my hand, actually train heavy again. That’s the main difference right now. It kind of covered the changes that you done in your training camp but then that’s all good.”

The last match-up against Vitaly was a very close one, how do you see this match-up going forward?

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“I’m hoping it turns out the same exact way to be honest with you. For me that’d be wonderful but I know Vitaly wants this rematch really bad. I’m excited for this match. I have something to prove myself. I haven’t had the some lock the last couple matches out. Like I said, I’ve been injured a little bit here and there but I’m ready I’m training and I think it’s a good close one hopefully, hopefully I come out on top”

You recently mentioned that you injured your arm in the matchup against Vitaly and you are finally feeling good, can we expect to see you at 100%?

“It was actually my hand that I injured against Vitaly back in October 22nd. My hand is 100% right now. I’ve been able to train with it really hard. So I think yeah, my right arm is 100%. I got no excuses there. My neck’s not the best in the shape. It’s been but that means nothing, it’s been messed up for five years. I’ve been doing this for that long. So I’m ready to go”

Your predictions for the match?

“I wanna put on a show. I wanna have a great match with Vitaly. Will be an awesome way to end this one”


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