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Ex Yankee Claims That The Controversial ‘Pitch Clock’ isn’t the Reason For Increased Pitcher Injuries

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MLB has been witnessing a concerning trend in recent years – a significant increase in pitcher injuries. This alarming rise has left many wondering about the potential causes behind this issue.

Pitch Clock: The Real Culprit or an Escape Goat?

As per many fans and experts, One of the primary suspects in this injury epidemic is the introduction of the pitch clock. The pitch clock, despite its intention to speed up the game, has inadvertently resulted in pitchers having less recovery time between pitches. This means pitchers are making more throws while fatigued, which could potentially increase the risk of injuries.

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However, Ex-Yankee Joe Girardi doesn’t agree with the masses. In a recent episode of NASCAR Champion Kevin Harvick’s podcast he said, “The injuries were happening before the clock.”

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Other Possible Reasons

Addressing the issue of pitcher injuries in MLB is a complex task, as it likely involves a combination of multiple factors. And it is becoming a serious longevity issue for many pitchers. We already saw this with Shohie Ohtani, who hasn’t pitched since his injury and is not expected to pitch in the 2024 season.

The Pursuit of Power

The modern game of baseball has seen a remarkable increase in velocity, not just in fastballs, but across all types of pitches. This “max effort pitching” could be another contributing factor to the rise in injuries. The relentless pursuit of higher velocities and spin rates may be pushing pitchers’ bodies beyond their limits, leading to more frequent injuries.

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The Sticky Stuff Crackdown

The recent crackdown on foreign substances used by pitchers to enhance their grip and spin rate could also be playing a role. Without these substances, pitchers may be exerting more effort and straining their arms more than usual, potentially leading to injuries.

Changes at the Amateur Level

Changes in training and specialization at the amateur level could also be contributing to the injury surge. Young pitchers are often encouraged to throw at maximum effort from an early age, which could be putting undue stress on their developing bodies.

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