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Here’s How Ed Sheeran Reacted To Britney Spears-Elton John Duet “Hold Me Closer”

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Famous English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran convey his reaction to the news that Britney Spears and Elton John will be collaborating to releasing a song which is titled as “Hold Me Closer.”

Ed Sheeran says he ‘Can’t wait for’ Hold Me Closer

The Perfect singer shares his excitement regarding the upcoming song Hold Me Closer by Britney Spears and Elton John on his Instagram.

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In one of his latest Instagram stories, Sheeran featured a part of the song with a text which reads, “Can’t wait for this!” and along with tagging usernames of both Spears and John, Sheeran added the word, “Friday!”

Here's How Ed Sheeran Reacted To Britney Spears-Elton John Duet "Hold Me Closer" - THE SPORTS ROOM

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It comes following the Instagram post of legendary icon Elton John, as he posted about the collab song with Spears by sharing two photos.

In the first snap it was a collage picture of the ‘Pretty Girls’ singer which appears  to be on the left side and the ‘The One’ singer which appears to be on the right.

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The collaged photos shows the younger versions of the singers and then by swiping left, the not so old version of the “Hold Me Closer” singers.

The caption of John reads: “August 26 #HoldMeCloser” though originally, purportedly the song was about to release on 19th August but it was postponed due to some leaked snippet which was heard lately.

The “Hold Me Closer” song which is said to be the “refashioning” of John’s 1971 hit song “Tiny Dancer”  was leaked on social media on a Thursday night which gathered different reactions from fans as stated by Metro.

Britneys fans said that the leaking of the song incident was “disrespectful.” One fan expressed anger to the incident saying it is ruining the release of the first solo of Spears as “free” woman after the conservatorship battle.

Another fan shared a reaction to the leaked song saying, “I’m so tempted to go find the Hold Me Closer leak but I want to respect both Britney & Elton, I’ve been waiting for this moment for almost six years.”

But one fan tweets about knowing who is the possible mastermind behind the “leak song” incident he said that he did a back-trace on the username of the person who leaked the “Hold Me Closer” snippets and indicated that it was none other than Spears sister, Jamie Lynn.

At the same time, the Hold Me Closer collab of the two artists will also spot Spears initial current material since 2016 album after 13 year conservatorship battle with her family.

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