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Following Pique Split & Tax Case, Shakira May Now Face Lawsuit For Dance Move In ‘Te Felicito’

Shakira is not living the best of times. Apart from the troubles over the custody of her children with Barcelona defender Gerard Pique as well as the ongoing tax fraud allegations, the Colombian singer is also facing a feasible lawsuit from Florinda Meza.

Shakira is accused of copying dance move 

Florinda Meza, the Mexican actress, comedian, screenwriter and television producer, is the wife of late actor Gomez Bolanos, creator of El Chavo del 8. The actress claimed that Shakira copied a dance move from the character.

The singer’s Te Felicito song was released this year. In one part of this song, Shakira appears to dance like a robot making several movements that some users on social media have compared to the “garrotera” that Chavo used to do in risky or menacing situations.

However it should be heeded that currently none of the parties have proclaimed or contradicted that a lawsuit will be filed, Mexican outlets which include the Diario Nuevo Dia disclosed that the widow of Bolanos has noticed the similarities and could take measures legally.

In 2017, the singer Livam also sued Shakira as he observed  that his song ‘Te quiero tanto’ has many similarities with ‘La bicicleta’. The lawsuit was dissolved at that instant.

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Additionally, the Spanish prosecutor’s office in Barcelona has asked the Colombian singer to spend more than eight years in prison. And she was also charged a fine of almost 24 million euros ($24.5 million) for defrauding the Spanish tax authorities of 14.5 million euros between the time period of 2012 and 2014. Recently it was also heard Shakira was planning to leave Spain and relocate in Miami Beach.

Earlier in July, Cristina Cardenas, who has been working on many events for Shakira disclosed her rude behavior publicly and claimed about the difficulties of working with the singer. She has explained how the pop star deprives everyone of clicking pictures of her while working together.

Speaking to MARCA, Cardenas said, “She is bossy. A Shakira shot that could last four hours, takes up to 17 hours. It ends up making the producer, the directors, everyone desperate. Nobody wants to work with her.”

She’s a rabid person,” she went on, “you can’t even look her in the eye, and if you happen to take your cell phone near her, she demands that you don’t take pictures of her, you can’t talk to her, that’s strictly prohibited.”

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