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East vs West 11: Artyom Morozov defeats Alex Kurdecha 4-2, East domintes West 5-0

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The East vs West 11 event delivered another banger of an armwrestling super match card out of Istanbul, Turkey last saturday. In the main event, Poland’s Alex Kurdecha returned after a long hiatus to take on Kazakh powerhouse Artyom Morozov. In the co-main event, Todd Hutchings took on David Dadikyan. Todd Hutchings was coming off of an amazing win over Kydrgali Ongerbaev at the last East vs West tournament which took place in November of 2023.

East vs West 11: Artyom Morozov defeats Alex Kudecha 4-2
East vs West 11: Artyom Morozov defeats Alex Kudecha (Pic Credit – Coresports/Instagram) 4-2

You can watch the full replay on Coresports.

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East vs West 11 complete result

Robbie Topie vs Aymeric Pradines. (Left Hand)

Aymeric Pradines defeats Aymeric Pradines 3-1.

Vala Ichqiti vs Nurdalet Aidarkhan (Right Hand)

Nurdalet Aidarkhan defeats Vala Ichqiti 3-1.

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Marcio Barboza vs Oleg Petrenko (Right Hand)

Oleg Petrenko defeats Marcio Barboza 3-0.

Avtandil Tutberidze vs Oleg Zhokh (Left Hand)

Oleg Zhokh defeats Avtandil Tutberidze 4-0.

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Mindaugas Tarasaitis vs Daniel Procopciuc (Right Hand)

Mindaugas Tarasaitis defeats Daniel Procopciuc 4-2.

Artem Taynov vs Zurab Tavberidze (Left Hand)

Artem Taynov defeats Zurab Taveride 4-0

Paul Linn vs Irakli Zirakashvili (Right Hand)

Irakli Zirakashvili defeats Paul Linn 3-0.

Matt Mask vs Wagner Bortolato (Right Hand)

Matt Mask defeats Wagner Bortolato 3-1

David Samushia vs Vladimir Maiorov (Right Hand)

David Samushia defeats Vladimir Maiorov 4-1.

Rino Masic vs Ivan Matyushenko (Left Hand)

Ivan Matyushenko defeats Rino Masic 4-1.

John Brzenk vs Krasimir Kostadinov (Right Hand)

Krasimir Kostadinov defeats John Brzenk 3-0.

Evgeny Prudnyk vs Alizhan Muratov (Left Hand)

Alizhan Muratov defeats Evgeny Prudnyk 4-0.

Todd Hutchings vs David Dadikyan (Right Hand)

David Dadikyan defeats Todd Hutchings 4-1.

Alex Kurdecha vs Artyom Morozov (Left Hand)

Artyom Morozov defeats Artyom Morozov 4-2.

East defeats West 5-0 overall in East vs west 11.


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