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Does the carrom billiards game use pocketless tables? Read to know more

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Yes, it is true that carrom billiards game use pocketless. But, before diving into this, let us understand this topic in a better view. Most probably, there must be times when you have wondered whenever you have seen a table without pockets and you have given a thought about its purpose. You must also have thought that table makers must have made some mistake in making the table. But it is a design and it is built for a purpose.

These are some tables that do not have pockets and they are used for a different type of cue sport, which is known as carrom billiards.

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carrom billiard game

carrom billiards game is a type of billiards game, which is played with three balls most commonly two white and one red on a table without pockets. The white ball is generally spotted and the table is pocketless and has three spots marked. One at the center, one at the foot, and one at the head.

The carrom billiard game is also known as Frenchlliards as France is its place of origin back in the 18th century. It is mainly popular in countries like Europe, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and South Korea. In short, it is popular in Asian countries but not in the United States. There are different categories such as straight rail, balkline,artistic billiards, three-cushion, and one cushion.

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Equipment Of carrom Billiards

  • Table

In the carrom billiard game, the table is pocketless. It is covered with a special type of cloth, which provides a smooth surface. The smooth surface makes it easy to move the ball across the table with little resistance and friction.

  • Balls

There are 3 types of carrom billiard balls. One is a red object ball, one is a plain white cue ball, and one dotted white cue ball for the other participants. In modern games, the white-spotted ball can be replaced with the yellow ball, which makes it easy to observe the game and analyze the results.

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  • Cues

Cues are used to either push or strike the balls of the carrom billiards game. carrom billiard game cues are different from the other billiard cues. The carrom billiard game cues are shorter and lighter with smaller tips as compared with pool cues. These are also stiffer than normal cues. Thus, they are better able to handle the larger and heavier billiard balls.

Method of playing carrom billiards

  1. The first player has the opportunity to select either her white or yellow ball as a cue ball.
  2. The red ball in the game is kept on the foot spot and a white ball is placed on the head spot.
  3. The cue ball is placed in the distance of six inches of the white object ball on either side.
  4. The cue ball should contact the red ball first on the break shot.

The player has to hit either a red or white ball. If the first player scores in the opening shot, then he can choose a white or yellow ball for his second shot.

Later on, others can continue with other balls but first, the player will continue with his second ball. The player didn’t have any score on his turn and other players could play.

Other players have to play with the balls as they leave their cue ball. If any of the players shoot the wrong, he has to pay the penalty of one point and he will also lose his turn. Players can choose their scores, otherwise commonly 50 scores are played in one game.

carrom billiards games use a pocketless table

carrom billiards is also famous as the pocketless pool. In carrom billiards, there are no holes on the table to sink the balls into. Thus, carrom billiards should not be considered as a pool as pools consist of tables that have pockets in them. Snooker and bumper tools can be considered as a few examples of a traditional pool. A traditional pool has six holes on the table.


In conclusion, we can say that now you know the meaning of the game, how to play the game, which type of table is used to play carrom billiards. So, now you know a lot of things about carrom billiards. You can play carrom billiards games on gaming platforms such as GetMega. GetMega is a gaming platform that provides varieties of games, card games (Rummy and poker), casual games (go pool) and trivia (quizzes and puzzles) are the available varieties; Carrom is one of the casual games.

You can win exciting rewards and real cash prizes in the tournaments of the GetMega. There are many opportunities in the app to enhance your knowledge, gain some experience and also earn some money. You can try something different with your friends or family.

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