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Dmitry Bivol vs. Canelo Alvarez 2: 168 Pound Rematch Targeted For September, Claims Eddie Hearn

The highly awaited rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol would take place in September at super-middleweight, according to Eddie Hearn. Even though there’s no confirmation yet, it seems to be what both sides are going to agree upon.

During his last appearance on the DAZN Boxing Show, Hearn dropped a bombshell when asked about the rematch between Bivol and Canelo.

“The Canelo vs. Bivol fight is not done,” said Hearn. “Obviously, representing both fighters, we have a very good chance of doing it. The question for Bivol is, is he happy to take this fight at 168 pounds? His initial answer is yes, because he has the chance to be undisputed in that category (168 pounds). Also, he is the favorite for his last performance.”

The British promoter further detailed what are the steps to follow in Canelo’s career. His main concern, as well as his entire team, is to see how his hand, which recently underwent surgery, responds in his next fight.

“Canelo wants to fight in May. That is still his plan: to face John Ryder, although there are other options on the table as well,” Hearn went on, “he has a series of mandatory fights. Right now, he is back after surgery. The thought of Saúl and Eddy Reynoso, is that they should go back and make sure that the hand is right, before entering the biggest fight of his career, which is the rematch with Bivol”.

Eddie Hearn claims he knows how Canelo thinks, and what the intentions of his entire team are for this 2023. While Dmitry Bivol remains the big target, he is at the end of a very winding road.

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“This is how they think,” he said. “Canelo is the undisputed champion, and he has belts in all divisions. He has mandates that he must meet. The mandatory that we would like, and that is easy to do because we also represent him is John Ryder. That’s still the plan.”

For the Ryder fight, the toughest decision to make seems to be the venue.

“We are looking at the various options as far as the venue for that fight, which are many and varied,” Hearn explained. “They can fight in the UK, the Middle East, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico, or wherever. After that, we’ll move on. It is very difficult to get him out of Las Vegas, because it is his home for the cinco de mayo. When he goes to another country, everything changes. The time zone is not as forgiving for television, and the Cinco de Mayo celebration is not the same.”

In the promoter’s opinion, it would be great for Canelo to perform again in a large stadium. He recalled the last time that happened and recounted the dream of taking him to Mexico.

“I like the idea of ​​doing it in a stadium. He has done fights at the T-Mobile Arena,” she expressed. “I would like to take it back to a stadium. The last time he fought like that, it was to beat Billy Joe Saunders, and he was amazing. It would be great if he fights on Cinco de Mayo in California. Mexico, of course, would be something historic. We’ll see where that fight could take place.”

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