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“I’m Still a Dad”: Deion Sanders Reacts to Son Shilo’s Colorful Language During Practice

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Deion Sanders, the legendary NFL cornerback and Hall of Famer, is no stranger to intense moments on the field. But during a Colorado Buffaloes practice, he found himself in a humorous situation involving his son, Shilo Sanders.

The Incident that agitated Deion Sanders

In a video that surfaced online, Coach Prime (as Deion is affectionately known) caught his son Shilo using some colorful language after a big hit during practice. Shilo, a safety for the Buffaloes, was likely caught up in the heat of the moment. But Deion, never one to miss an opportunity for a teaching moment, had a priceless reaction.

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“Shilo, I Heard You Cussing”, Deion Sanders scolds his son for using bad words in training

As Shilo stood there, perhaps unaware that his dad was within earshot, Deion addressed him: “Shilo, I heard you cussing.” The stern yet playful tone in Deion’s voice made it clear that, despite his legendary status and $45 million net worth, he was still very much a dad.

Shilo, looking a bit sheepish, responded, “Dang, my dad heard me cuss today. He doesn’t know that I say bad words when I’m on the field.” It was a relatable moment for anyone who’s ever been caught using less-than-polite language in the heat of competition.

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Shilo Sanders: A Rising Star

Shilo Sanders, following in his father’s footsteps, is making a name for himself in college football. The safety position for the Buffaloes suits him well, and his hard-hitting style has drawn attention. However, as Deion pointed out, Shilo needs to watch his head and work on his speed.

A Dad’s Influence

Deion Sanders’ coaching extends beyond Xs and Os. His presence on the field reminds players that they’re not just athletes; they’re also sons, brothers, and individuals with character. Shilo’s slip-up provided a lighthearted reminder that even in the intense world of football, family values matter.

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The Buffaloes’ Journey

The Colorado Buffaloes faced challenges last season, but with Deion Sanders in their corner, they’re aiming to create a new culture and raise the bar. Shilo’s journey continues, and perhaps his dad’s watchful eye will keep the colorful language in check.

As the Buffaloes prepare for the upcoming season, they’ll carry with them the memory of Coach Prime’s reaction—proof that even a multimillion-dollar legend can still be a dad.

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