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Darby Allin Suffers Broken Foot in Wrestling Match, Postpones Everest Climb

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Darby Allin, the enigmatic and daredevil wrestler from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently faced a significant setback. During a high-octane match on AEW Dynamite: Big Business, Allin suffered a broken foot that has put his ambitious Mount Everest climb on hold.

Darby Allin’s injury, how did it happen?

The fateful moment occurred during a bout against “Switchblade” Jay White. Just minutes into the match, Allin executed a daring front flip off the top rope, aiming to take down White, who was positioned outside the ring. Unfortunately, the landing was less than graceful, and Allin felt the impact immediately. Despite the pain, he soldiered on, continuing the match for a grueling 12 minutes. In the end, it was White who secured the victory with a pinfall.

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Darby Allin had been gearing up for the extraordinary challenge of climbing Mount Everest. His determination and fearlessness in the wrestling ring were mirrored in his aspiration to conquer the world’s highest peak. However, with three broken bones in his right foot, Allin had to make a difficult decision. He took to Twitter to share the news:

“Unfortunately, the foot’s really broke from Wednesday’s match. Everest will have to be next year.” 🏔️🤕 1

!Mount Everest

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The postponement of his Everest expedition is undoubtedly disappointing for Allin, but his health and recovery take precedence. Wrestling fans will eagerly await his return to the ring once he’s healed and ready to defy gravity once more.

Darby Allin became AEW’s Daredevil

Darby Allin has become a fan favorite in AEW due to his unique style, high-risk maneuvers, and captivating persona. His fearless attitude and willingness to push boundaries have endeared him to wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. Whether he’s skateboarding down ramps, diving off balconies, or taking on opponents twice his size, Allin consistently delivers heart-stopping moments. As we wish Darby Allin a speedy recovery, we’ll keep an eye on his journey—from the squared circle to the slopes of Everest. Until then, let’s appreciate the resilience and determination of this extraordinary athlete.

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