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Damian Lillard says Steph Curry looks ‘different’ compared to last 4-5 years

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Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard has taken a shot at Stephen Curry, stating that the Golden State Warriors guard is looking faded in his performance this season.

A three-time champion and six-time All-Star, Steph Curry has been hailed as one of the greatest basketball players of all time and is even acclaimed as the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA by many.

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However, the Warriors veteran who is on his 12th season with the Warriors has been called out by the NBA fandom for looking comparatively dull this season, and Damian Lillard has taken the lead to speak out on why Curry has not been up to the mark, claiming the younger Warriors squad he’s playing with right now is barring from the ‘quality looks’ Curry has showcased in the previous seasons, which was prevalent as the Warriors succumbed to a 98-123 defeat in their first matchup against Trail Blazers yesterday.

Damian Lillard takes a shot Steph Curry for having a slow start this season

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry will face each other once again in San Francisco. (Image Courtesy: Getty)

As the two teams prepare to take each other on once again at Chase Center, Lillard spoke to former teammate Dorell Wright in an interview on “Warriors Pregame Live” about the 32-year-old’s current performance.

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“With the injuries the Warriors are dealing with and Steph playing with a younger team right now, he’s seeing that it’s tough to get those quality looks right now,” Lillard said in the interview.

“It’s different than what it’s looked like the last four or five years for him. He’s trying to get quality looks and get a clean look so he can make a good one. You don’t really have that luxury to take one from that deep just to be taking it like in the past he might have, and I’m the same, getting a lot of attention from defenses,” the Trail Blazers star added.

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Lillard’s comments towards Curry was not well received by many and several fans flooded NBA Twitter with multiple tweets comparing the two players’ achievements and even calling out Lillard to ‘stay in your level’.

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“What does that make him?” Steph Curry fires back at Damian Lillard

On the other hand, Curry himself responded to Lillard’s comments, tagging the comparison between his past and present selves ‘laughable’.

“I think it’s laughable that people want to invalidate my career after 5 mediocre games. Every one of my rings came against a man they consider the greatest ever. If I’m overrated, what does that make him?” said Curry.

Coming off of a defeat in the first encounter against Portland, Curry and the rest of the Warriors will aim to turn things around in their second straight faceoff.

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