Booker T: The Rock stole a bunch of my catchphrases

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Booker T, the former WWE star recently joined Chris Van Vliet for an interview. He reflected on how the wrestler-turned actor, The Rock stole many of his catchphrases.

Booker T claims The Rock stole his catchphrases

Booker T

It is not unknown that the former WWE star The Rock has been one of the best wrestlers to possess excellent mic skills which matched well with his gimmick and helped him get popular among the WWE Universe.

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He had a bunch of catchphrases which are still very famous among the fans. But, during the interview Booker T claimed that The Great One had stolen many catchphrases from him and it turns out that the lines The Rock used back in the peak of his career were actually not his own.

The Rock’s finisher is also identical to that of Booker and the two were entailed in a feud for that as well. The Great One called it The Rock Bottom, whereas Booker called it as Book End.

The Hall of Famer went onto speak about the similarity of the moves and it was during this time that he revealed that The Rock ‘stole’ his catchphrases.

Booker T: The Rock stole a bunch of my catchphrases - THE SPORTS ROOM

He said, “I had [the Book End] first. I’m not gonna sit here and go back and forth whether it’s disputed or not. I was the first one to do the Book End. I didn’t call it the Book End, then The Rock stole it just like The Rock stole a bunch of my catchphrases. I’m serious. He really did.”

Booker T was questioned about which catchphrases The Rock stole but he said, “I’m not going to go there.” Booker wants the catchphrases that The Rock stole from him to be “untold stories” from the locker room. He said there is an “unwritten rule” not to publicly call out such things.

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However, Booker T later did reveal the catchphrase to be “if you smell what I’m cooking.” This line was modified by The Rock and made it popular.

Booker T: The Rock stole a bunch of my catchphrases - THE SPORTS ROOM

The Rock had a glittering stint in the WWE before trying his luck at the Hollywood. He has been a 10-time World Champion and had multiple WrestleMania main events.

Whereas, Booker T also had a great career having World Title reigns to his accolade and also became a two-time WWE Hall of Famer.