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Cody Rhodes surprises a fan with a pair of shoes on her birthday, gets immense support from the fans

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Fans are impressed by Cody Rhodes’ behavior as he gave away a pair of shoes to a kid off-camera. After Raw concluded for the night and the show went off-air, Cody Rhodes spoke to the Lexington crowd as a post-show promo. During that time The American Nightmare gave away a pair of his tennis shoes and a weight belt as a birthday gift to a kid.

Fans were impressed by this gesture and were quick to express their support on Twitter

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“Cody just gave away a weight belt and his tennis shoes to a kid for his birthday. There will never be another Cody Rhodes in wrestling. Dude is so special” one fan commented on Twitter.

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“Thank you @CodyRhodes and John Cone for making Gracie’s birthday that much more special and making her wish come true” another fan wrote

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Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins can fight in a tag team match against the Rock and Roman Reigns

Cody Rhodes won the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble match to secure his spot in the main WWE event of this year Wrestlemania XL.

Last Thursday, Rhodes announced that he would challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship for the second year in a row. Things hyped up after Cody Rhodes passed remarks on The Rock and Roman Reigns families resulting in the Rock Slapping The American Nightmare.

Things got even more interesting after World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins sided with Cody Rhodes. This chain of events is giving rise to speculations of a tag team match with Rhoades and Rollins on one side and The Rock and Roman Reigns on the other

Cody Rhodes

Matt Morgan suggested in his Gigantic Pop Podcast that the tag team match happens on night one of WrestleMania ahead of The American Nightmare’s match against Reigns, which is scheduled to take place on night two.

He also claimed that Cody Rhodes could suffer a kayfabe injury before his title match against Reigns.

“[Who should beat whom if it was a tag match for night one, Rock and Roman vs Cody and Seth?] Roman and Rock have to. Roman and Rock have to. And also, I’d injure Cody in doing so and make him sell fake injury and have him come in Hogan-style, spirit of ’76 as bookers would like to say to us when you’re coming into a match with an injury with your ribs taped,” he said.

Only time will tell how things will turn out to be.

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