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The List Of Jericho: Chris Jericho reveals listing down all matches of his career!

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On his most recent Saturday Night Special, Chris Jericho revealed that he has actually listed down all the matches he ever participated in in his career.

Chris Jericho

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Jericho’s reinvention into the chronicler of a comedic list was well-received by the Pro-Wrestling fandom, and even before then, his reading of a list of 1004 movies became an iconic moment of sorts. It seems now that he likes his lists neat and ordered.

Not only has Jericho listed down all of his matches, but the chronicle of his entire career, The Complete List of Jericho: 30 Years of Smashes, Matches, & Hits, is on pre-order.

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“When you’re talking about the career of Chris Jericho, I don’t think you’re ever going to see it again. I’m putting out a book… It might not be out for a couple of months because apparently, The Rona, has stopped publishing as you know – I don’t know why – but I’ve kept a list of every single match I’ve ever had since October 2, 1990,” Y2J said.

“And I still have the piece of paper where I wrote number one: October 2, 1990, against Lance Storm at Ponoka Moose Hall, what the finish was, what’s the star rating, and how much money I made. In every single match that I ever had, I wrote that down.”

Jericho Revealed Why He Started Listing Down His Matches.

“I’ll tell you why I started doing it, because my first day of The Hart Brothers’ Pro Wrestling Camp, Keith Hart was there. It was the only day we saw him after he collected our money and split, but he said, ‘Do you have any questions?’ He kind of explained what was going to happen for the next two to three months in the school, and I asked him, ‘How many matches have you had?’ And he was really annoyed.”

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“Nobody keeps track of that stuff. Why would you even ask that?’ And I thought to myself, ‘That’s really weird’, because if I wanted to know how many games Wayne Gretzky has played in, I can go over to the library – remember those – and find a record book and look up Wayne Gretzky – played 1,516 games and all these stats.”

“And I said,” said Jericho, “‘You know what? I’m going to keep a list of every match that I ever had by hook or by crook.’ Whether I have one or whether I have 2,725, which is what I have after Dynamite, I’ll keep a list of it. And I did, and that’s the reason why.”

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