Chris Jericho names his all time favourite Tag Team partner

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Chris Jericho, AEW star has picked his favourite tag team partner during his Saturday Night Special.

Who is Chris Jericho’s favourite tag team partner?

Chris Jericho

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During the stream, Chris Jericho was asked about his favourite tag teams growing up and his all time favourite tag team partner. He revealed saying, “The Rockers and The Hart Foundation [were my favorite tag teams]. My favorite tag team partner was The Big Show, by far.”

Chris Jericho is now signed to AEW while The Big Show still makes appearances in WWE. They formed a team back in 2009 and were called “Jeri-Show”.

Chris Jericho names his all time favourite Tag Team partner - THE SPORTS ROOM

Edge was originally the partner of Chris Jericho when they won the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship in 2009. But, after Edge suffered an injury, he left for sometime. Meanwhile, in order to continue with the title reign, Chris Jericho chose a new partner. He revealed The Big Show as his new partner. The team, Jeri-Show made the debut at Night of Champions 2009 pay-per-view.

Chris Jericho and The Big Show were allowed to make appearances on both Raw and SmackDown brands as both the stars represented their own brands. Jeri-Show successfully defended their title against the Legacy at the event. They began a feud with Cryme Tyme and again successfully retain their tag championships at Summerslam.

Chris Jericho names his all time favourite Tag Team partner - THE SPORTS ROOM

Following this, they defended against the teams of Batista & Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter(better known as MVP). Starting a rivalry with Degeneration X, Jeri-Show faced them at TLC. But, unfortunately lost the Championships that night. Thus, ending their 140 days title reign. In 2009, Jeri-Show also won Slammy Award for “Tag Team of the Year.

Jeri-Show later faced DX for the Tag Team Championships but the match had an added stipulation- Chris Jericho had to “leave Raw forever”, if Jeri-Show lost. That night they were defeated by DX and thus the team Jeri-Show disbanded.

Chris Jericho names his all time favourite Tag Team partner - THE SPORTS ROOM

However, unofficial reunions have happened over the time. Whether, it was an unofficial or official reunion, WWE fans have seen the one night reunions of Jeri Show. The last time both the stars were seen together was in 2016, when The Big Show saved Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose(now signed to AEW) from the assault of Wyatt Family.

The fans would love to see the team back on screen, if it is ever possible. Who knows. One last run maybe?

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