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Chris Jericho was charged with a fine worth of $25,000 due to THIS reason

AEW star Chris Jericho was previously charged with a huge fine while being under the contract of WWE. The WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is known for taking care of the talents while being under the contract of the company. He often takes serious steps against the talents for any mistakes and it could also be a huge fine. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently revealed that Vince McMahon was not pleased with him for bleeding in the ring when he was busted open by Chris Jericho. The WWE Chairman fined the current AEW star for the incident.

Chris Jericho was fined due to mistakenly busting open Ric Flair

Chris Jericho was charged with a fine worth of $25,000 due to THIS reason - THE SPORTS ROOM

Jericho and Flair had a few feuds in WWE, the first of which happened in 2002. The two were engaged in a feud later in 2009 when Jericho feuded with several WWE Hall of Famers. ‘The Nature Bot’ recently discussed bleeding in the ring, courtesy of Jericho.

On his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, discussed bleeding in the ring. The Nature Boy narrated the incident and how Vince McMahon fined the AEW star for it.

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Jericho had hit Flair with a TV monitor and also hit him with a chair eventually. This had caused Flair to bleed and required as many as 25 stitches. He said:

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“You remember when Jericho picked up the TV monitor and hit me in the head with it? I’ve never put my hands up in my life, except for when it was Brody with a chair, because I would just break my hands, but at least it wouldn’t break my head. So I didn’t put my hands up and Jericho hit me with the chair and I got 25 stitches.”

The 16-time World Champion said that Vince went on to charge fine worth of $25 grand on Chris Jericho due to the incident. Here is what Flair added:

“So, Vince fined Jericho $25 grand and said, ‘I should fine you for letting him do it.’ I said, ‘Letting him do what?’ He (Vince) said, ‘Why didn’t you bring your hands up?’ I said, ‘I don’t know. But you should have asked me 25 years ago (laughs).”

Flair was recently released by WWE upon his request, while Jericho is having a great run in AEW.

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