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Canelo Alvarez Names The NBA Player Who He Thinks Could’ve Been A Successful Boxer

During the buildup to his third and final fight against Gennady Golovkin, which he won via unanimous decision at T-Mobile Arena on 17th September, Canelo Alvarez underwent a candid interview where he answered some of the questions from his biggest fans on social media.

In it, the Mexican boxer spoke about different athletes and disciplines, about his most important fights and his growth as an athlete. However, the answer that stood out the most was about a renowned player from the NBA, and Canelo assured that the said basketball player could have been a great fighter in the ring, and it’s none other than the four-time champion LeBron James.

Canelo believes LeBron “has the skills” for boxing

File:LeBron James Lakers.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
LeBron James, a four-time NBA champion, is one of the most successful athletes of all time. (Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

Canelo Alvarez became one of the most important athletes in recent years, thanks to the world titles won in different boxing categories. The Guadalajara native is part of a long list of influential athletes in the world of sports, as well as LeBron James.

In that sense, the Mexican fans asked him if the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player could have dedicated himself to boxing and, according to his experience in the ring, how it would have gone. Without hesitation, Canelo assured that he has the skills and that he could easily have done it in the best way.

“Would LeBron James be a good boxer? Well, why not? I think he has the skills for the sport, he is a 100% athlete. I think that if he is dedicated or would have been dedicated to being a fighter, he could do it too, “ said Canelo while speaking to GQ Mexico.

In the same interview, the pound-for-pound king also referred to the sporting future of his little son Adiel. According to Canelo, the boy showed his love for boxing at a young age and hopes that he can make it to the top of the sport.

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However, he assured me that he will support him in whatever he decided and if it is not boxing, there will be no problem. Currently, Adiel is four years old, but he could already be seen training together with Eddy Reynoso.

“Hopefully he will be a champion in something, in whatever he wants. At the end of the day he wants to be a boxer, he’s too young right now, but we’ll see if he really likes him. He has to go through a lot to be a champion, but I’m sure he can do it,” explained the 32-year-old athlete about his little son.

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