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Jake Paul Believes Floyd Mayweather Jr Is “Ruining His Legacy By Fighting Unidentified Guys”

YouTuber-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul is never the one to shy away from speaking his mind and stirring up controversy and in his latest hot take, he got involved with the exhibition fights of the boxing icon Floyd Mayweather.

“What will your excuse be?” Jake Paul throws open challenge to Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr marked another victory in his exhibition boxing career after dropping RIZIN featherweight Mikuru Asakura in the second round of their main event clash at Super RIZIN & RIZIN 38 event this Saturday night at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

The fight marked ‘Money’s second RIZIN event as well as his fourth exhibition bout since retiring from his professional career with an impeccable 50-0 record. Mayweather’s next bout is set to take place against Deji on 13th November in Dubai.

Taking the opportunity to throw shade at Mayweather, ‘The Problem Child’ opined that Mayweather is tarnishing his legacy by facing unknown opponents and as he is one of the most popular figures in the sport and also called him out to a fight.

“All right, ladies and gentlemen, picture this: It’s 2022. Floyd Mayweather is ruining his legacy fighting no-name guys, wasting his fans’ money, wasting his fans’ time,” Paul said in a recent post on Twitter, “He doesn’t even know the names of the guys he’s fighting, and then he chooses to fight Comedy Shorts Gamer, influencer, to make some money to pay his tax bills. Floyd Mayweather telling Jake Paul that you will only fight Jake Paul if he comes down to his weight, 140 pounds or something. I can’t believe what’s going on in the world. I can’t believe this is real.”

“Floyd, I will fight you, and you know that’s one of the biggest fights to make in boxing,” Paul went on, “I weigh 175, you weigh 165. We can get that done, make a couple $100 million. But what will your excuse be? You didn’t care what my brother weighed, so why do you care what I weigh? Oh, because you know – you know what’s going to happen. I want to say, ‘I’ve got your 0.’ I don’t want to just say, ‘I’ve got your hat.’ I got your 0.

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“But you’re going to find a way to dance around this. You’ve said, ‘Oh, once he fights a professional fighter, he’s going to get destroyed. It’ll be bad for him.’ Why not let that be you – the best ever? There’s only one Mayweather, but he’s scared to fight Jake Paul. It’s 2022. I can’t believe what the f*ck’s going on, guys. Goddammit,” added Paul. [H/T MMA Junkie]

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