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Clippers Announcer Brian Sieman Calls Out NBA for “Shameful” Scheduling

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Los Angeles Clippers announcer Brian Sieman didn’t hold back during Sunday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. The reason? A grueling back-to-back schedule that left the Clippers with just 22 hours between tipoffs.

The Brutal Back-to-Back

The Clippers had faced the Chicago Bulls in a game that started at 1 p.m. Los Angeles time on Saturday. Then, less than a day later, they were back on the court for a noon local time matchup against the Bucks. Factor in the daylight saving time change, and it became an even more punishing turnaround.

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Brian Sieman’s Scathing Critique

During the second quarter of Sunday’s game, Sieman took the microphone to express his frustration. His words echoed throughout the arena: “Whoever made that schedule possible should be ashamed of themselves. It’s a 22-hour turnover for the Clippers. Day games on the back-to-back are difficult period, whether they’re in December or January. They gave the Clippers a back-to-back day game situation the day of daylight saving time, and then they bumped the game up an hour. It’s 22 hours between tip-offs, which goes against NBA protocol.”

Fans Rally Behind Brian Sieman

Sieman’s sentiments resonated with fans who felt the scheduling was unfair. Twitter erupted with support for the Clippers announcer:

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“Brian Sieman is 100% correct.” one fan wrote.

“We should’ve boycotted this Bucks game today. Back-to-back games and both at noon (12:30 pm) is disgrace. F*ck the NBA and Adam Silver.” another wrote.

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Lessons for the NBA

The outrage highlights the need for better scheduling practices. While back-to-back games are a reality in the NBA, adjusting start times during daylight saving transitions seems like a reasonable solution. Sieman’s candid critique serves as a reminder that player welfare and fair competition should always be top priorities.

As the Clippers continue their season, fans hope that the league takes note and ensures a more thoughtful approach to scheduling in the future.

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