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Becoming a sports betting affiliate on 1xBet

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1xBet is the largest brand in the bookmaker industry. The numbers speak by themselves. Right now the company has millions of members all over the world. That’s why becoming a sports betting affiliate on 1xBet can be such an attractive opportunity. Right now the sportsbook is looking for new people to join their ranks not only as punters, but also as partners who can attract new people towards the 1xBet ranks.

There are many reasons why people might feel convinced to join 1xBet. Some of them include:

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  • it has the most extensive portfolio of sports wagering opportunities, with thousands of matches across more than 30 different disciplines;
  • the odds offered by the platform are among the best in the entire market;
  • it has fantastic mobile applications, which allow people to take the entertainment and the winning opportunities to any place they want;
  • last but not least, it has a fantastic online casino!

Having mentioned the main reasons why people might feel attracted to 1xBet should also convince people who are webmasters or those who own a website to become affiliates of the bookmaker. Partnering with this sportsbook will bring better chances to earn some good income than doing so with any other platform in the market. This is because there is a higher probability that someone will join 1xBet rather than any other portal of its kind.

Becoming a sports betting affiliate on 1xBet - THE SPORTS ROOM

How to get started in these affiliates programs

Having explained why so many people might feel attracted to becoming 1xBet bookmakers, now it is a good idea to explain what is expected from the affiliates. In general, what is expected from the people who are part of a 1xBet sports betting affiliate on program, is that they should put a banner on their websites that will take people towards the 1xBet main website once clicked upon.

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There are a number of ways on how the affiliates might earn extra income from being part of this deal. First of all, it is necessary to understand what are the available types of partnerships. The most common ones include rev-share or revenue sharing and CPA or click-per-action.

The first of them means that the bookmaker will share a part of its overall revenue with the affiliate. On the other hand, in the CPA deals, the partner will get a fixed amount if a visitor clicks on the banner and later does something else, such as signing up. Regardless of the chosen kind of deal, all of them can be highly profitable and rewarding.

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