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Anthony Edwards’ names his “favorite player of all time”

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Anthony Edwards, a Minnesota Timberwolves player, recently had an experience that basketball fans can only dream about. During a strong 120-91 win over the Phoenix Suns, Edwards had an unforgettable exchange with his all-time favorite player, Kevin Durant.

Following the Timberwolves’ victory, a clip surfaced on social media [NBATV tweet], capturing a post-game interview with Edwards. In the clip, Edwards beams as he reveals,

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“That’s my favorite player of all time, so that was probably one of the best feelings ever in my whole life.”

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This quote, imbued with a mix of awe and excitement, perfectly encapsulates the unique experience Edwards had just gone through – facing his idol on the biggest stage and emerging victorious.

From Fan to Competitor: Anthony Edwards Faces His Hero

Anthony Edwards’ names his "favorite player of all time" - THE SPORTS ROOM

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Anthony Edwards’ admiration for Durant is well-documented. He’s often spoken about studying Durant’s game and using him as a source of inspiration. However, during the playoff matchup, the fan became the competitor. Anthony Edwards, known for his explosive scoring and fearless attitude, wasn’t about to shy away from the challenge.

Details about the on-court exchange remain scarce, but based on Edwards’ post-game comments, it seems a bit of playful trash talk transpired – a common occurrence in the heat of playoff battles. This back-and-forth, particularly with a player Edwards reveres, likely fueled his competitive fire and contributed to his impressive performance.

The exact nature of Edwards’ performance remains unknown without knowing the opponent. However, the “best feeling ever” comment suggests a standout performance, possibly exceeding his scoring average or registering a clutch play that sealed the win. Regardless of the specifics, Edwards undoubtedly delivered a performance worthy of celebration, not just for the team, but for himself on a personal level.

Kevin Durant, no stranger to high-pressure situations, responded to Edwards’ trash talk with grace. In his post-game comments, Durant acknowledged the exchange, emphasizing that it’s all part of the game. “Yeah, it’s just basketball—not even playoffs, it’s just hoop,” Durant explained. “You get hot, you make shots, you make tough shots, and you’re going to feel excited about yourself. So it’s on me to keep coming back.” His level-headed approach highlighted the camaraderie and mutual respect that exists among NBA players, even during intense matchups

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