WWE reportedly scrapped a dream match involving Shawn Michaels in 2006.

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Bruce Prichard, WWE producer recently discussed a ‘dream’ match on his Something To Wrestle With show. The match was supposed to happen at WrestleMania pay-per-view but it was called off.

Shawn Michaels vs Eddie Guerrero: A dream match in WWE that never happened


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Bruce Prichard said during the interview that backstage talks had begun in preparation for the clash between Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 22. Eddie Guerrero passed away six months before the event. Thus, the match was cancelled. Unfortunately, the ‘dream match never took place.

Shawn Michaels went onto face Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania. The clash between Guerrero and Michaels had never happened before and it could do wonders, believes Bruce Prichard.

WWE reportedly scrapped a dream match involving Shawn Michaels in 2006. - THE SPORTS ROOM

He said, “It was kicked around as a possibility because they never worked together, and that was, at least in my head, a dream match. That was one of those that I definitely would love to have seen.”

Bruce Prichard recalls Vince wanted Mike Goldberg from UFC

Bruce Prichard said that Vince McMahon wanted UFC’s Mike Goldberg to be onboard and to replace Jim Ross as the commentator. He said that the media exaggerates the news and it was portrayed that Vince wanted to ‘steal’ Mike from UFC. But in reality, it was Mike who was seeking the opportunity, claimed Prichard.

He continued, “The media, if you will, portrays it as the big bad wolf goes out, ‘I’m going to steal you from this other group!’ That’s not how it happens.”

The 57-year-old said the Mike did not cut the contact with WWE and was keen to join the company. He said that if he was not interested then he could have cut the link with WWE, but he did not do that.

Apparently, Mike Goldberg was in search of better opportunities outside UFC and wanted to grab the best chances. But Prichard claims the portrayal of the matter to be “unfair”.


Prichard added, “He was interested in coming in. I think the portrayal of that sometimes is just unfair on all accounts. Mike Goldberg was looking for – I don’t know – greener pastures or different pastures, and we were looking for fresh talent as well. The two come together and start talking; that’s all it was.”

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